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It's customary for great spirits to leave behind a small prayer when they visit Inspiration Peak. We invite you to join in this tradition.
George Krokos
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Post by George Krokos » May 3, 2018, 10:42 pm

O my dear Lord God
I thank You for
the sun and the rain, the wind and the snow
and all that helps us to prosper and grow.
The moon and the stars in the night sky,
the clear mountain stream that flows down by.

The plants and the trees all growing in the meadow and field
we cultivate and harvest for what they have to offer and yield,
for our livelihood and sustenance in our daily life
and for Thy rules and regulations to avoid all strife.

For the inner divine light and sound of Thy most precious Word
which in spite of everything else can still be seen and heard.
For Thy divine grace and love felt in our daily devotions to Thee
which will eventually help us all to realise that we are free.

Thou art most gracious and all-merciful Dear Lord
Thou art most gracious and all-merciful

There isn't anything that is impossible for Thee Dear Lord
There isn't anything that is impossible for Thee

All things are possible by Thee Dear Lord
All things are possible by Thee.

And I bow to Thee dear Lord
I bow to Thee again and again.

Om Tat Sat
Om Amen.

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