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A Hymn To Him

Posted: November 20, 2017, 2:47 pm
by George Krokos
Thou art in the sun, sky, earth and air
Oh Lord beloved You are everywhere.
In all the creatures of the land and sea
You are the one that has made them be.

In the soil where all good things are grown
And heavenly space of which little is known.
Within us all and outside
In everything You do abide.

Thou doth knowest all within Your being
When we, Thy children, are clearly seeing;
By Your grace earned from many good deeds done
In remembrance of Thee from where we have come.

Our love to You we should all gladly give
From our hearts wherein You always live.
With all humble and loving devotional tears
My gratitude to You for dispelling our fears.

Thou art the One all-pervading omnipotent Divine Intelligence
Perceived and known directly through our personal experience.
The inner light reveals Thine eternal divine glory
Sincere love in worship of Thee, being most worthy.