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Life is Making the Pieces Fit

A clean, well-lighted place to discuss inspirational books and exchange reviews.
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Post by Stormie55 » December 20, 2014, 10:23 am

I was doing a search for all things inspirational because it's good to have a dose of that at least once a day. I also wanted to see what my competition was by way of books because I just wrote one that's full of inspiration.

Anyway, I found this forum and wanted to join because it's sort of in the style my book is. Sort of.

If you're interested in seeing if I'm for real, or am just talking out of my head, you can go to Amazon.com where there's a "Look Inside" option.

It's called, Life is Making the Pieces Fit: how to be who you were meant to be, by me, Mary Anna Anderer; and it's full of illustrations, tips, cautions, warnings, and a lot of fun.

I would be so thrilled if anyone gave it a look!

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