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The Four Feathers

Posted: February 11, 2010, 1:51 pm
by mwzephyr
The Four Feathers is a 1902 adventure novel by British writer A.E.W. Mason
A British army officer who resigns his commission on the eve of his unit's embarkation to a mission against Egyptian rebels seeks to redeem his cowardice by secretly aiding his former comrades disguised as an Arab. When his unit is overwhelmed and captured by the rebels, the hero finds an opportunity to return the 'feathers' of cowardice sent to him by his former comrades by freeing them. Written by Anonymous
Remake of the 1939 original.( John Clements ~Ralph Richardson ~ C. Aubrey Smith~ June Duprez )

(Clips and trailers link at end of post.)

I saw this movie a few years back and watched it again last night.
To me it personifies extraordinary circumstances.
Life in the idyll of success and love and internal conflict.
Loss of self and all that identity has to offer. Redemption in the face of death. Ultimately friendship and love and finding one's self.

I watched the 2002 Miramax version with Heath Ledger, Wes Bently and Kate Hudson.

Video clips and trailers may be viewed here~http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1807859468/trailer

Posted: February 11, 2010, 2:38 pm
by Lion~*
I also watched this a few years back and was deeply moved... and again just a couple weeks ago! " The Four Feathers" has a very vital line in it that has resounded in my own life to astonishing depths. I'll never forget the incredible exchange between the two 'friends':
" Why do you care?"
'Because God placed you on my path!'

It has proven to hold very significant answers.


Your inspired poem is very well spoken and brims with the emotion that is ever present in this movie and most certainly in the details of life!

love Lion~*FourIndeedPlacedAndNeverBlownAwayPaw