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Post by gladysia » April 9, 2010, 2:38 am

ok, here's my situation. my girlfriend broke up with me about five months ago because she felt certain things were missing. no problems with drugs, abuse, anything like that. mostly just a lack of deep conversations, getting into a rut, and a lack of emotional support. anyways, over the last few months i've made a lot of changes for myself and she has started to see that these changes are real. however, we're both graduating from college in may and she's planning on going to graduate school which is almost 5 hours away from where we currently are. now if you were her, would you let something like distance get in the way of what could be your one true love? would you be willing to try a long distance relationship if the guy turned out to be everything that you wanted? ofcourse, I would move there in a heart beat to be with her, but other circumstances have come about which might prevent it from happening.
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Post by samulen » May 25, 2010, 4:50 am

Sorry, this was posted a little while so perhaps it is not relevant now.

Everybody has different experiences so there are no right ways.
But I would say, distant relationships are tough. And usually when we move to a new place and we get new friends we often get swept away in the "our new life" and forget the past a little. This will make it even more dificult to remember or even to be interested in a past relationship.

I believe we need strong, regular contact with our partner in order to sustain a deep relationship and if you had problems in the past, like everybody does after the relationship has been going on for a while, I would say you need stronger committment and lust for each other. That is also much more dificult in a long-distance relationship.

Is it true love for both you? Why did you then break up? Were you lovers or friends? I mean, were you just used to each others' company or were you strongly drawn to each other? If you were not, you need a change in the relationship and it is definitely possible but requires work.
Otherwise you are perhaps just sad that you are losing something you are comfortable with? In order to change a relationship to lovers instead of friends, demands work from BOTH partners. Not everybody is into this.

Of course one can follow another person anywhere but I think a relationship is stronger if both persons have a strong purpose to be where they are. If you are where she is just because of the relationship it will likely end up in frustration because you have nothing to do there and she might feel less free having to meet your need. She will have a new life. You will just have the relationship.

I have done this myself and it never worked.

I hope you get what you deserve. I hope I could inspire you some with my opinions.

Take care and good luck!

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Post by Lysuny_B » July 25, 2010, 4:40 am

I couldn’t help but read through your post, I can relate to what your saying,
I've being down that road it isn’t easy, 2 years of long distance relationship has taught me alot
Sometime you have to think if its worth the sacrifice and risk for both of you especially when you mention true love.
Cause in a long distance relationship things like Faith, Trust, Patient and Love are put to the test
Faith in the relationship
Trust in each other
Patient it will work out
And of course unconditional Love to each other despite the distance.
Live love life

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