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The Highest of The High

Faith-based poetry from our Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and other religious friends from around the world.
George Krokos
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Post by George Krokos » October 12, 2017, 4:38 pm

A pilgrimage to Thy feet someday I hope to make
where I no longer will be, except as dust, for my sake
to please You and seek Your pleasure to date
when knowing You are really my best mate.
If You appear to be hard on me I will know
there's something more You wish me to forego.

You have a habit of working in unfathomable ways
mind boggling to those who attempt such displays
as knowing Your will when Your whim's holding sway
revealing their ignorance and causing some dismay.

You have and use the capacity of a universal mind
staggering to the imagination leaving it far behind,
being the subtlest of the subtle and pervading all planes
throughout the three worlds You're the One who entertains.
Whether in apparent joy or sorrow remaining always the same
established in reality and far beyond the opposites' game.

You're the perfect mirror reflecting what and where we are;
as being unrealistic and caught in illusion, not going very far.
When we recognise our situation and let You take us by the hand,
with all faith and humility, we can reach that place where You stand.

Outwardly You appear to have a most unassuming stature
yet inwardly possessing spiritual wealth of an infinite nature.
You radiate divine love to all who come before You;
in Thy presence it's like drowning and melting into
a supremely blissful existence beyond any worldly experience.
An intense yet somewhat cooling fire of love, in all conscience
like an inner awakening and emerging into a fathomless being,
all around as inseparable parts of an infinite ocean and seeing
that there is nothing else to behold in formless eternity
which is really our true nature and immaculate reality.

You have indicated that You're the One many seek but so few find
and that You are the Ancient One; being The Only One of a kind.
This time around though You have come not to teach but to awaken
and by remaining silent, through Your silence, the world will be shaken.
Perhaps like an oncoming storm where lightning is seen before thunder
Your glory will manifest regardless of what is going on down under.
Eventually ushering in the New Humanity of which You have spoken
and uttering One Word, everywhere resounding, Your silence is broken.
Revealing Your greatest manifestation as You long ago stated
thence Your Final Declaration will thus never be outdated.
You exist eternally having no beginning or end
and in reality You're the most sought after friend.
In those who are pure at heart and mind You are so easily found,
and if anyone learns to speak Your language You always come around.
In times of need, especially when the world is in much turmoil,
You make Your appearance on earth undergoing incredible toil.
To one and all You give each a gentle push forward
doing Your ages old duty bringing all closer toward
that state of existence which is indescribable for any to express
making available Your glorious nature by compassion nevertheless.

You are the Avatar - God incarnate in human form,
the oldest and wisest being exceeding all rivals born.
In each new age that You are brought down
by those Five who have been chosen to crown
You as The Highest of the High and hand over the reins
of the entire creation for You to steer away from the pains
and hidden fears of seemingly premature self-destruction,
by Thine infinite divine attributes You overcome all obstruction.

You haven't come here to establish a new society, organization or religion bring
but to revitalise and bring together all that have come before like beads on a string.
Undergoing infinite suffering while in the body for humanity's sake You are
only asking for love in return from those who know You as MEHER BABA.

A great deal of Thy work was done with those Wayfarer souls,
Thine intimate lovers, scattered all around, playing their unique roles,
but appearing somewhat dazed and destitute like other madmen around,
You recognised they were intoxicated from Divine Love true and profound.
Nourishing and satisfying their inner yearnings You helped them all get along
and when realising Whom they were with, knew it was to You they did belong.
Also You washed, clothed and fed many of the other unfortunate ones
sharing with each an intimate moment of love for which You had come.
It was because of Thy greatness and glory that You achieved all this and more
showing all mankind, by love and compassion, the road that leads to Your door.


This is a poem about a person known as Meher Baba whom many people believe to be the Avatar of the Age - God in human form - Who comes down to earth once every several hundred or a thousand plus years to guide humanity through a difficult period in its evolution and at the beginning of a New Age.

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