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Child of Nature

Posted: August 18, 2017, 2:43 pm
by George Krokos
There is a child of nature hidden within us all
a creature of innocence like that prior the Fall.
Nobody around, it seems, knows just how old it may really be
though an enlightened estimate gives it an ageless chronology.

Even before the beginning of creation when it was all alone,
in a formless incorporeal state, before it turned into stone,
it existed without any notion of anything else around
being itself unlimited and infinitely most profound.

Then in an instantaneous moment without the passage of time
it had the urge or whim to know its own immaculate prime.
So without any thought of limitation it pronounced the Word
an endless repetitive vibration with which it tried to be heard.

In the wake of this action-less beginning to know itself more
there was an incredible implosion in its own being to score.
Though it remained unaffected because of its true almighty nature
nevertheless it began to imagine itself then as divided in stature.

Continuously repeating that primal Word or sound of its latent propensity
which was also really no other than a simple question of its own curiosity.
Within its own boundless, pristine, indivisible and unfathomable glory
it began conceiving with its power of imagination an opposite story.

Then it manifested from within its being an infinite light
with which perhaps to view the extent of its own plight.
As in a dream where one vaguely perceives an object in space
it began imagining its first rudimentary and existential place.