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My late sister's spirit - the Unicorn and her strength

A place for great spirits to share their most beautiful dreams.
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Esther Austin
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Post by Esther Austin » March 22, 2008, 5:40 pm

Hello Everyone

My dream of late was so powerful, yet its meaning is very poignant.

I lost my younger sister to breast cancer in November 2006. She was only 37 years old. We were very close and had a good relationship and she was like a second mother to my two boys. It was one of those relationships that was unconditional in whatever we did for each other.

I know that my sisters spirit is with me, as I have managed to make incredible achievements since her death.

I had this dream or vision this week as I often do of my sister being a unicorn. Whenever I meditate I try to focus on a white light, which is usually my sister and I am a dove on her back and my two boys are holding her tail as she soars up into the sky.

This particular dream was that I was on her back, as she used to help me so much and sometimes helped carry me. Anyway, I was on her back and as we flew higher up through the clouds she finally shook me off her back and whispered to me to "keep going, keep going." My two children then let go of her tail and flew up to stand one on each side of me. Then the unicorn clapped its hooves together, yet tears were in her eyes. At this time, tears were actually rolling down my cheeks in the physical body but also in my dream. The unicorn was also crying because she was letting me go and telling me that I was now strong enough to continue without her. I was crying because I am so close to breaking through inh my new business but the reality that my sister would not be here in the physical was still quite painful, even though I know her spirit is with me.

The reality of this dream is that I am working hard to build a business at the moment and I know my sisters spirit has been with me, especially the times when I feel tired, her voice constantly tells me to keep going.

But I know that is is my sister's spirit that keeps me buoyant and I now know that I am strong enough to go the rest of the journey without relying on my sister's spirit so much.

Much love and peace to all
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Fabulous Future
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Post by Fabulous Future » June 13, 2009, 9:08 am

Loved the dream - wow - so lucky to have dreamt it and had your sister to visit you in your dreams to let you know she is with you and you can do it on your own
Life is hard by the yard
Life is a cinch by the inch
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Ron Atchison
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Post by Ron Atchison » June 13, 2009, 5:47 pm

Your sister's spirit will always be with you Esther... in this world and the next. Thank you for sharing... and thank you Fabulous Future for bumping this up. Somehow I managed to miss it when it was first published.

All my best to both of you!!

~ Ron

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