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the gathering

A place for great spirits to share their most beautiful dreams.
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Post by danll121 » May 28, 2008, 5:27 am

Picture this;

Lying in the tropical sun,your mate is by your side. You relax in the mid-day warmth as a cooling breeze passes ever so slightly, as you sip your favorite beverage and listen to the waves as they rhythmically cover and uncover the sandy beach!Paradise on earth! Not a care in the world! You doze off, as trouble and worries are a thing of the past...dreams..wonderful dreams..But as you dream the enemy gets busy!..You awaken in a town far up north, You have never been here before, it is cold and raining,everything is closed and there is no one in sight.You ask yourself, How did I get here? (Well.. you know what you did to be able to afford that tropical vacation and the people you wronged on your way up that ladder) you say to yourself..Oh my God ! I need help!!!!As darkness comes ever so quickly and the temperature drops even quicker. About that time a man comes around the corner and seeing you standing there in shorts and sandals knows, you have probably missed a bus or two! He asks if He can help. You tell him your story and He says to you that his Father is having a little get together at his House and since everything in these parts runs through Him he can probably give you what you need(food,clothes,home,job wife,life,etc.)would you like to come?Not seeing very many other options, and the cold rain beginning to sting each time the drops hit your rain soaked T-shirt you say OK.and go with Him, as you go down a wooded path you come to the gate, The man at the gate seems delighted to see you, as the the man introduces Him as his 'uncle Pete' You go further on the driveway that has an orange-brownlike tint in the moonlit night,You figure they must have painted the driveway,( not realizing you were walking on gold),as the two people you have met so far do seem a bit eccentric to put it mildly!as you approach the house you see silohettes of people in every room all seeming to be having a spendid time and you think..what a party!as you come through the door you see people, faces you cannot quite place, but the seem familiar,even more puzzling, to you, is the fact that everyone is dressed in white,but they seem sincerely glad to see you and don't seem to mind the dirty and soggy clothes you have on. this puts you at ease, and you feel the warmth all around as you shake many hands and get loads and loads of hugs from strangers,(little did you know you had shaken hands withMoses,Abraham,Marylee,Maryann,Mary that had the little lamb,WalterSr.Ruth,Nehemiah,Job ,Uncle Eli,thomas Lucille,Martin,John,Shirley,and a number of others by the way!)In just those first minutes in the House. As we walk around the house we pass a big conference room many men huddled around this big easy chair that glowed like you had never seen,as you ask what is going on you find out that my Father is chatting with some of the older family members. You ask if you can met Him now and I tell you you have to meet my Brother first, He is the only one that can bring you to my Father..We move on shaking more hands and hugging more strangers Here comes my aunt ! She loves to pinch people's faces, so watch out! ooops! Too late! she got you! Now you feel like you just got punched on both sides of your face!As we get to another large room you see many people one one side of the room listening to another Man you don't quite recognize, and he has a glow to Him as well. You ask who He is and I tell you" Oh that is my brother Jesus I was telling you about, He is the lamb that Mary had,He died for all our sins awhile back!You look in bewilderment and say He is right there how can He be dead! Oh! my Father gave Him power to do that kind of stuff, Heal the sick, raise the dead, walk on water, all kinds of things,and, Oh , wait till you see what He does at dinner time!...I hope you like fish!He is my father's only son ,the rest of us are adopted but, we know He loves us too!A calm surrounds us, as my uncle H.S. comes down from the attic, He loves to be called 'comforter' so we humor Him.(But) He CAN fill a room! And you know when he has arrived..!He always comes a little while after my Brother.They are inseperable.. This is a nice place you say to yourself and you ask to meet Jesus. He's right behind you! I say in amusement..welcome... I know why you have asked to see me and I would like you to pray this prayer;Father I am a sinner in need of a Saviour. I know you are real and I know that you died for me in my sins, I know you arose on the third day and now sit in intercession for me, at the right hand of the father,come into my heart and dwell, so that I may have eternal life. Fill me with your precious Holy Spirit. That I may forever Praise your Holy Name In the mighty name of Jesus I pray, Thy will be done.

About that time; The lights got brighter! Your clothes got whiter! Angels were singing.. Hallelujah from the rafters! The people were all shouting and Praising God. Now! it finally dawned on you , that this whole gathering was just for you! They had been waiting for you all along to come to Christ! That the Father had planned this for you before you were formed! Now that you had confessed with your mouth and believed in your heart.that Jesus Christ is Lord You have been saved! welcome! you have been accepted into the beloved! :D


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Post by oleskulemc » November 15, 2008, 11:38 am

luv; this is funny! though it has a message somewhat about being saved ,I think it is very good stuff, I like it! and it tells of the plan God has for each of us! You gotta appreciate that!

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