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Who are you?

A place for great spirits to share their most beautiful dreams.
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Beautiful Soul
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Post by mwzephyr » July 10, 2013, 5:50 am

What is the answer you give as a reply when asked this question...
Before you answer~

We often define ourselves by what we do in our lives, i.e. our jobs at work... "I am a~ Doctor, lawyer, healthcare giver, cook, mechanic... Or by our relationship to others~ I am Jimmy's dad, Roy's wife, Olivia's cousin.
Others by their emotional state~ I am a lonely person, I am happily married...

My point here is that we define ourselves by our surroundings and by relationships and by past experiences.
How many of us identify ourselves with our passions, with our loves, with our desires and with our dreams?

I am a dreamer and a poet... it matters not what mission I am on, what tests I take, my successes or failures; I am joyous, I am motivated, I am excited to be here to see to learn, to do, to participate, to discover, to learn, to love... What is your answer?
Is it a reference to the past, to the shadows or the joys, the success or failures, or is it a reference to the core of your being?
By my thoughts and words so I become.

Now, who are you???
Who in the center of your form truly are you?
I am looking forward to your answers? Don't read this and walk away...
make a statement,
set your foot on your road,

express YOUR~SELF!

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Beautiful Soul
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Post by Davidf » July 10, 2013, 6:22 am

A fine question. which really got me thinking..I have schizophrenia but I still to stay positive at times. Sometimes when I am depressed, I write negative things. I edit a magazine, and for awhile I only took positive work. However since I know poets can't be family-friendly all the time, especially those with metal illness or in prison), I take poetry from them, if they are welling to send in the money, like everyone else (Fair is fair). Other editors, and outside friends have paid for the prisoners sometimes and I will publish them that way. My therapist says I should stay true to myself and write and postpositive and negative material, which is why I posted "Time" and "Life".) When I feel better, I can post positive things once again.
You probably didn't need to know all this, maybe I shoould have just said I "I am a poet, children's short story writer, avid bowler, who likes playing word puzzles and watching game shows, among helping the disabled and elderly in any way that I can."
Have a blessed day!

Fellow Traveler
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Post by ninbinz » July 16, 2013, 9:28 pm

Though I am late in coming, here goes:

I am inner conflict; ambitious yet extremely afraid, I am hopeful for a future that seems so close and yet so far. I am Inert, in a position where my path is uncertain and my legs weak. I am a kind smile, an uplifting advisor, a stable support. I am the laughter when most needed and a thorn in the but.

I love conditionally no matter how much I wish that I loved unconditionally. I am an ear to talk to, a person to hug. I am a fierce protector, a fair judge. Most of all I am an avid Dreamer, an unpracticed poet and an understanding soul.

I am all these things and so much more.

Thank you for giving m the chance to look at myself (almost) objectively.
Pure and simple....... is a good way to live

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Good Friend
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Post by dewdrops » July 22, 2013, 7:02 am

I am...a person ..who is trying to figure out how my life has shaped out , asking myself 'am i happy' and what am i doing about it and what can be done about it

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Matthew Olszewski
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Post by Matthew Olszewski » April 21, 2015, 12:25 pm

Who am I? I think that is one of the most difficult questions we can ask ourselves. I personally have a big problem to answer that question. Each answer will be only a piece of the truth about myself.

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Good Friend
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Post by GypsyButterfly » July 24, 2015, 9:55 pm

There are various aspects of me. Not only the traits I possess, but, also my orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, relationship status, etc. Those are all the trees that comprise the forest. The forest is, just me.
Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans--John Lennon

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