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Post by fredcowie » July 14, 2013, 6:44 am

Comment from the Sidelines, by Fred Cowie (c) No 108, 07/14/13: Everyone realizes, somewhat after the fact, that they passed certain thresholds, specific benchmarks, notable landmarks, which denote the passing of periods of life. They know when they have left their parents' worlds, their teachers' worlds, their preachers' worlds, their youthful, developmental world, and even sometimes their children's world, and they have entered into a new time, a new place, a brave new world, to use Huxley's phrase. When you leave behind the world as seen through a glass darkly, and enter into what Buddha might call enlightenment or illumination, you can then relax, for you realize. Not realize anything, just realize.
Frederick J. Cowie, Ph.D. Please visit my website at fredcowie.com, my FACEBOOK(/fredcowie) page where I post my writings and my paintings every day. Peace!

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