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A short post

This is an open forum - a friendly place to meet other great spirits and discuss whatever's on your mind.
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Beautiful Soul
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Post by mwzephyr » April 24, 2015, 9:03 am

a short post

It seems as we walk down the road of life and attempt to take the roads less traveled (in hopes of enriching our lives), that we fall into the potholes of the unkempt roads... Whether our packs be heavy or light, we often tire of the journey, and wish to lay down our packs... Sometimes no matter how earnest and willing our souls may be, our bodies cannot keep up the journey. Other times the body is willing, but the soul has taken upon itself such a burden that it loses itself... No matter how well-meaning we maybe, just the passage of our lives through that of another’s may cause them pain, cause them to take offense, or to suffer. It is equally true that we may also bring them joy, peace, happiness, growth, understanding... The way of life is rather simple; whatever the rules are, they apply to all life. No judgments are made, life goes on. I was sad when I started this, for I had met am man who helped me for a moment... He mentioned he had a need... I attempted to help him in return, though he had not asked for my help. What had been a warm exchange, with thoughts of further co-operation, turned chilly in subsequent exchanges. Being a student of the arts and continuing on my path to be a student of language and its nuances, I detected the change in tone, from friendly to formal, from warm, to cool... These things to me were obvious in every word. They dripped off the page... It is a funny thing when you meet a man or person, but you can communicate without speaking, touching... Even a thought can cross the ether, and when you look into their eyes, you can see the whole truth of the matter and of the person, and even, the message... When you communicate as we do by email, blogs and so on, the impersonal word in type, on the page takes on new meaning... We like blind men straining our senses to accommodate the loss of our other senses; of the lack of personal contact. In an age where many are careless,, and fewer still are fluent in their written perceptions, and even fewer are honest with themselves about the content of their message, is it any wonder that misunderstandings and misconceptions develop? No manner of explanation, nor apology seems to erase the initial perception... Are we, am I/ are we all guilty of these misperceptions?? Do we all give and take offense, so easily and without second thought? This is a thought that is heavy on my heart, albeit but for a moment. What occurs in the past cannot be reconciled or erased... What must occur in the end is that we forgive and forget in equal measure, what we have done, as we also forgive the others... I shall get up off my chair soon, when the clouds pass, and renew my journey with one less burden... But for now I had to share this story. Peace be to you on your journey, this morning. May you smile with the sun and your spirit float upon the fragrant breezes of Joy. I am sad no more... ~Zep

Beautiful Soul
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Post by Davidf » April 24, 2015, 2:26 pm

It seemed that you meeting the man was destined to happen, because he so greatly impacted your mood. Good post.
Have a blessed day!

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