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Your Philosophy of life?

This is an open forum - a friendly place to meet other great spirits and discuss whatever's on your mind.
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Post by dawn » February 17, 2007, 11:20 am

Pierre, how about answering your own questions? :)
Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light. -Helen Keller

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Post by franz » February 18, 2007, 8:58 pm


OK, I'll answer my own question.

Is it tough? Is it real? why?

It's very tough and always is, well I like to see life as tough, or make it tough( by challanging myself). So I can feel life, I like to feel life, to know that it's real. The last thing I want is to walk away from reality and do harm to the real me, or worst. I earn and was given real life, I do not need to give it up.

When you wake up in the morning, what keeps you going to go through the day, week, or life? Is it a smile, a dog, a partner, a bowl of muesli? why?

I woke up with an alarm and a couple of snooze buttons zz :p , but once I get up, I smile to myself and eat breakfast. Whatever'd happen that day is going to be worth smiling about- even if it'd be bad.
What keeps me alive? It's the fact that I was suppose to die many times and yet I am still here. I got hit by a car when I was 10, I was extremely depressed when my mum walked out of the family, I had my shares of deathly disease, and phew! I am here and happy.

Do you think big "to save the world" or be warm and friendly to your next door neighbour first?Why?

This question struck me once, when I was 15. I was so stupid to think that I can make the world at peace without actually giving a smile to my neighbour. Nowadays, heaps of people just don't care about who their next door neighbour is. I think it's the smaller groups that count as the world. I can never go to Africa and help with the famine, if I do not even know my neighbour's name.

Is it meaningful and worthy? What does it mean to you? What do you see with you - your body?

When I see life, I always see death because that's the way to compare it. “When I die, what would I see my life? “That's how I see it. I want to make me as worthy as I could.
I study 9-5 and work 5-11 and do my homework 11-1 most days. I feel so happy when I lie on my bed at the end of the day. Tired but fullfilled. I feel I can die anytime and I will be satisfied; this is the feeling that I really like to have everyday.

What does other people mean to you? Are you really inspiring and motivated that you walk down the street with a gigantic smile in your face or do you keep your thoughts to yourself?

Other people is who I am. Without other people, I can't be me as today. They are possibilities, versatility, and variety of life.

OK, I am not a big-smileys. I certainly keep thoughts to myself. I know I'd to like smile more. I know that other people are special. So special that just about everyone thinks that they are more worthy or unique or charismatic than they presents.

How do people who annoys or affect others and you in a negative way make you feel? Do you assume that they are stupid, naive, innocent, bad, evil, unique or anything?

I think I can't live without annoying people. In this life, there are people who make things in order and there are those who like it splattered out in randomness. Order is good for peace and randomness is creativity; to keep us entertained. Annoying people do entertain in some ways. If I was really annoyed though, I think that those people are inconsiderate, stupid and INNOCENT; these assumptions, of course, would only stay in my thoughts.

My thoughts could be different for you to accept, but hey! nothing is right until you know the person.


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