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What Is Your Heart's Desire?

Thoughtful questions about life and love.
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Post by Lion~* » February 20, 2007, 10:33 pm

I often wonder
If I am the man
That I would be
If I were a boy
Dreaming of the man
That I would be

It's never too late
to be what you could have been.
George Eliot ( pseuddonym of Mary Ann Evans)

Three of life's greatest questions are:
1. Where have I been?
2.Where am I now?
3.Where do I want to go?

When you think about your dreams, whether within the next year,five, ten or more...
If you could do what your heart wants to do, what would it be? The list might be short or long, doesn't matter, it is your heart's desire!

Love Lion~*IAMWhatIAmButWhomShallIBePaw :0:
Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart...William Wordsworth

Follow your honest convictions, and stay strong. - William Thackeray

The bottom line, especially for my character,
is the issue of unconditional love.”
Matthew Weeden

dance of joy
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Post by dance of joy » February 21, 2007, 5:17 am

Thanks, Lion~*. I know exactly what my heart's desire is. I have seen it.

I have seen us living together, my boyfriend, my daughters and I, in the country in a house that he has built. I have seen the laughter and the sharing. I have seen his children and my children with us around a long table at the holidays, sharing and being a family. I have seen myself in a thriving practice, sharing what I have learned with others. I have seen my daughters grow into healthy, contributing, loving adults.

I appreciate this question so much, Lion~*. Articulating one's deepest desires allows the spirit to make it happen.

And so it is. :) luv ;)

With love,



I posted this and then came back and re-read the quotation you shared with us, Lion~*. I realize that I am indeed becoming the woman that the young girl in me once wished I would become. With a smile and tears in my eyes... thanks!
Wisdom tells me I am nothing.
Love tells me I am everything.
And between the two, my life flows.

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Post by m1le-st0nes » February 21, 2007, 7:36 pm

my hearts desire?my hearts desire is to fly to fly around and smile on the world in short. my hearts desire is to be happy
Rest well
Sleep tight
and You'll wake up
full of joy and light

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Post by frieda » February 23, 2007, 11:54 pm

My heart desire to BE peace and be inspiration to anyone that comes in my way. My heart desire is to raise my boys so they will grow up and BE peace and inspirational their own way.

dance of joy
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Post by dance of joy » February 24, 2007, 5:51 am

You know what, Frieda? You are already living your heart's desire. Go figure. :) luv

It reminds me of the words of Abraham-Hicks, 'ask and it is given.'


Wisdom tells me I am nothing.
Love tells me I am everything.
And between the two, my life flows.

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Post by Ames0325 » February 24, 2007, 12:01 pm

You know I am not sure I can answer the question. So much of me is still that little girl sitting in the grass starign at the clouds and dreaming. I guess I have always been a dreamer and have always wanted to be a dreamer. But the truth is even though it hurts more real life is sooo much better than the dream. I never imagined it would be so hard or that I would make the mistakes that I have, but I also never imagined that it would fell so good everytime I get up and brush myself off, That I would grin everytime I turn in a difficult assignment or that I would learn so much. Truly the desire of my heart is to just become the best person I can be and learn as much as I can about everything. And so I guess I am fulfilling the desire of my heart.


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Post by arrabelle » October 15, 2007, 10:19 pm

I want to sing and write songs that can inspire people..songs that can make us remember the beauty of life and the gift of love. Someday, I hope soon, I would be able to do that. I also want to become a film maker/scriptwriter.

Right now, I'm 21 years old, and a fresh graduate of Communication Arts. I'm currently working as a purchasing assistant, and my work has given me enough opportunity to help my family. I can say that I'm lucky to have this work considering the fact that it is really hard to find a job nowadays. But in my heart, I know that I'm a writer and that one day i would come out of my comfort zone and have enough courage to truly LIVE, and not just survive...

"Live the life you have imagined"
....hugs from the Philippines....

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Post by _Darkie_ » October 22, 2007, 7:24 am


It is without doubt that sometimes, in early stages of schooling, one may feel that they are contained within barriers when asked to answer straightforward questions.

For what better is a subjective mind than an open one?

In that respect, I thank you for sharing these questions. Perhaps it is for self reflection, but I shall share my ideas nonetheless.

1. Where have I been?
Where I have been, physically, has also changed my mental presence and approach to life.

There are various service trips that I have attended over the years, and I am surprised to find that, the people who I help are instantly happy that we have come. Grateful for our presence.
Yet, when I browse the web, I've come across quite a few blogs and websites, that thrive on the impulse; the want; for more.

I have been to many places; but the most important are the journeys that I have taken in my mind and heart.
The most important of those journeys has been the realization that, happiness must come without expectation. It is natural, and we should not force it otherwise.

2.Where am I now?
A position in where I apply what I have learned in the past, and at the same time, constantly learning new things. My standpoint of life has changed, time and time again, and I thank my exposure to worldly elements. It is something that I have taken for granted before.

3.Where do I want to go?
A place of tranquil and calm, where I can feel relaxed spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Past, present, and future may seem totally unrelated. They are different times in a person's life; remember the past, cherish the present, and hope for the future (common quote). But in reality, I've felt that all 3 are interwoven.

That all three are actually one; a greater whole.

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Post by srg » October 23, 2007, 8:42 pm

I desire a world free of all pain , a world full of joy and serenity.
That world can start from within me and like a laugh spread to members of this site, then to your communities and eventually to the world.Simple isn't it. :)

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Post by Mammy » October 24, 2007, 2:39 am

My heart's desire is that each individual wakes ups and realises that we are all asleep in a garden of eden - filled with a limitless abundance of all good things.
May it be so :)
Mammy x x x

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