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Beautiful stories written by YOU about a person or event that changed your life, gave you hope, made you dream...
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Post by bubs » June 24, 2008, 11:14 am

It was a warm day in June 2008. He had been asked by some good friends of his to ride his Harley to a town in WV to help welcome home our boys. American Soldiers sent to fight a war thousands of miles away so that others can know the freedoms we so blindly take for granted. He said yes immediately not one to turn away from sending off or welcoming home our boys. He knew in his heart what they were fighting for. He never gave a second thought to the American Flag that proudly waved behind his bike. It was for him a symbol of what our country stood for. The blood of those shed before him. He loved that flag, it was truly for him a symbol of all things pure and peaceful a sign of all things that he dearly loved. As he prepared to leave that day he prayed that God would touch someone around him this day. That he would shine the light on someone, in his mind just to bless the soldiers that had been away from their families so long, fighting a war they so passionately believed in. He prayed strapped on his helmet and rode away. Not knowing what the day would bring or how in the end God blessed his heart more than any other and that this day would change his life forever.

She woke up early that morning much sooner than her mommy had expected. Her daddy was coming home and that is all she cared about. She knew that her daddy was a hero; her mommy told her every night before sleep as they prayed over him and his safety. She had been marking days off her calendar for months and she remembered how she had cried for day’s even months after her daddy had left. He had told the little girl that what he was doing was important. That some men were mean and had been very mean to the people that they were supposed to care for and if anyone had treated her that way he would fight them too. He wanted all people to be able to worship, live and love the way that he had known all his life. This war was more to him than just a job, it was something so deep in his heart that he knew he had to go, there was just no more to the story than that he had to go. As they prepared to leave that day the little girl asked her mom if they had been able to get a flag, the mother answered that yes they did have flags but they were the little ones and that if they wanted a good spot when daddy came home they would have to leave now no time to find one bigger.

As the men and women filled the stadiums, road, and parkway where our boys came home the big flag from the Harley rider had caught the girls eyes. If she only had a flag that big she prayed then her daddy would know for sure how proud of him she was. As they waited for bus to arrive carrying her daddy, the Harley rider started talking to the little girl. Asking her how old she was if she was excited that her daddy was coming home. The little girl lowered her head, “If I only had a flag big like yours, she said, then my daddy would surely know that he was missed that I prayed for him every night, all my mommy could find was this little flag.” Tears started to form in the biker’s eyes. This was as real as it got, babies waiting to see their mommies and daddies, spouses waiting to hold in their arms loved ones that had been gone what had felt like a hundred years.

Just then the bus approached and the little girl ran off with her mommy to greet her daddy. The biker was left with a tear in his eye and a place in his heart. As the afternoon went on and the welcome home ceremonies began the biker could not get the little girl off his heart or out of his head. The words she had said resonating within him so strong he knew what he had to do.

He started looking for her, looking through the thongs of people all there to say thank you to the men and women who so bravely fought. As he turned around to leave he spotted her one of the last to leave, standing with her mommy and daddy. He knew without a doubt in his heart what he should do. He walked to her briskly not wanting her to leave without doing what he knew he needed to do. As he walked to her family he went right to the little girl, he bent down and said the most beautiful thing to her.

“ I know that you only had that little flag my friend, but I have this big flag and in honor of your sacrifice of your daddy for my freedom I gladly give you my flag today. Please take it and fly it proudly from your home in memory of welcoming your dad home today. Know in your heart that we have prayed for you and your family for safety of your dad and the fellow soldiers. That today you are the American Hero for being so brave.”

The little girls mom and dad stood with tears in their eyes; as did the biker group that the man had rode with. He had just given her a flag but for both of them it was so much more. A reminder for him what cost our freedom really has. A reminder for her that her daddy truly was a great American Hero, one simple act of kindness burned into both of them that Love transcends all things. That Love is love regardless of skin color, social status, thoughts, fears, and emotions. That Love is really the ties that bind.

As the little girl went home that night she prayed a special prayer for that man. That he would be blessed more than he had blessed her that night. She would take the flag home and fly it proudly every day never forgetting a man she never had met calling her daddy a great American Hero.

The man drove home that evening much more solemn that he had been when he left that morning. He had seen the effects of this war on the families. How much of a sacrifice our boys really make when they leave for months at a time. As he climbed into bed that night he asked God to bless this little girl and her family. As he covered up that night he cried for her and all the little girls and boys in this great nation that see their daddies and mommies come home in flag draped coffins. He cried for the daddies that miss first baseball games, first dance recitals, first teeth, and first girlfriends. That day forever changed his heart for he no longer took for granted his freedoms He said a prayer that night for God’s blessing on the little girl, and her family. She never left his mind; never he never left her mind either. The little girl that welcomed her daddy home and the biker that gave her his flag.

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Post by catchasunset » June 26, 2008, 6:15 am

Hi bubs,

As I read this I can't help think the rider is you.
I felt like I was on the ride with you.

I am proud of you.
I am proud of our troops

When I am riding next time I will wave to the other Harley that is traveling the opposite way. Maybe by chance it will be you and I will be secretly thanking you for what you did that day.

Ride with the wind.

Thank you bubs.

We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.

~Luciano de Crescenzo~

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