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Making it Through with Music

Beautiful stories written by YOU about a person or event that changed your life, gave you hope, made you dream...
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Post by Gail » March 24, 2009, 12:04 pm

October 2008 began what was the downward spiral of thousands of people being laid off from their jobs. Amongst the unemployed were a large and silent number of people who could only blame themselves for their joblessness. They had been fired from their job. That was me. I was fighting my way back into working world with the dark cloud of “FIRED” over my head.

The first 30 days, I tried to give myself a break. Businesses rarely interview or hire during the holidays, so I found myself bouncing back and forth emotionally between relieved and scared. I was relieved because I was tired of being underemployed in my second “survival” job. The career change I had been pursuing for almost two years was about to be my one and only focus. I was scared because the job I was looking for was in an industry that was suffering from huge lay offs. How could I find a job in a workforce that was flooded with extremely talented people while all I had was a strong desire and a decent work history? How was I going to explain being fired from my last job? Nothing seemed to be in my favor. For years, I have always enjoyed singing gospel music, but I never imagined the words I sang were going to mean so much to me. The song, “Desire of My Heart” by Vanessa Bell Armstrong would bring tears to my eyes because God gave me a desire to do something different, but I had no idea how I was going to make it happen.

On December 31st, I was at church attending our Watchnight Service. All of the ministers gave sermons on different subjects, but the one my pastor preached about stayed with me. “Trust in the Lord.” He said, “Losing things will sometimes give you a closer relationship with God.” Was I going through all this so I could have a closer walk with God? I started to realize that I had a lot of time on my hands to read my bible, attend Mid-Week Bible Study, and travel with my church. I started researching biblical scriptures that were encouraging to me and I hoped at some point would helpful to other people too.

Instead of praying for ANY job and applying to EVERY open position available, I made my job search and my prayers specific to what I wanted to do. Lord, I prayed out loud, please bless me with a job that I can be excited about! I don’t want to work another job where I’ll be bored and discouraged within the first year. Give me the strength and determination to find my position as an Event Planner. I’m looking and praying for an extraordinary blessing.

By the end of January, I was starting to become discouraged. I had some money saved, but that wouldn’t last forever. I started to think that maybe God was punishing me. After all, I had been disobedient and being unemployed was my own fault. One day, I was talking with my sister on the phone and she asked me, “Do you feel sometimes like you are unworthy?” As tears started streaming down my face, I said, “I really feel unworthy because I have been praying for a change and NOTHING is happening! I know God hears my prayers, but every time I pray I think God looks down at me, rolls his eyes, and sticks his fingers in his ears!” My sister laughed at my comment. After I hung up the phone, I went back to my music… The race is not given, to the swift nor to the strong. But it’s to the one that endureth until the end. They’ll be problems, but sometimes you will walk all alone, but I know things will work out. It’s for the good of them who love the Lord.

After five months of job searching, my discouragement was moving into despair. I couldn’t bear to watch the news on TV because all I kept hearing was how another company was laying off more people. At last count, I had applied to over 110 jobs with only four interviews! I knew God was going to open a door for me, but what was taking so long? I had been doing all the right things...praying for myself and others, networking, helping the needy, attending job fairs and resume workshops, and volunteering to keep myself busy. One night, I was up late reviewing music from previous choir rehearsals. I started to sing, “What God Has For Me, It Is For Me” by The Clark Sisters and “My Help - Cometh From The Lord” by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. I cried through most of the lyrics! I trusted in God, but I was starting to have doubts which didn’t make any sense. Is it possible to trust God and doubt him? I started to question my faith in God.

After another second interview, I was told that a decision would be made in a week. Ten days had passed, and I hadn’t heard anything. As eager and anxious as I was, I didn’t want my potential employer to know that patience was not one of my best qualities! On Monday, I called to inquire about the job. They told me that they were going to have a meeting that day to make a decision. They would let me know on Tuesday. I stayed close to home, within 15 feet of my home and cell phone. At the end of the day, I still hadn’t heard anything. I assumed that I didn’t get the job and for the first time, I had lost hope. Another interview gone down the drain! What did I do wrong? I was positive, upbeat, enthusiastic, and even sent individual thank you letters. On Friday morning, the rightly divine position I had been waiting for finally arrived. They were negotiating a higher salary than the one that was discussed during my interview! That was the reason for the delay in calling me back!

Although I didn’t realize it, I was thanking and praising God before I was blessed with my new job. Through all the music, God was telling me to hang in there, don’t give up! While researching song tracks for our choir, I came across a song called, “Thanks Be to God.” Those times when I thought God was punishing me, he was actually working in my life to bless me. So, the next time I find myself in a position where I’m waiting for unanswered prayer, instead of becoming discouraged, doubtful, or in despair – I’ll take a deep breath and trust in the Lord. As the song says by Norman Hutchins, “God’s Got a Blessing - With My Name On It!”
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Ron Atchison
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Post by Ron Atchison » March 24, 2009, 12:15 pm

This is so inspirational Gail and I just want to thank you for taking the time to share it with us. I'm sure it will be meaningful to a lot of people who are in similar positions.

(and Welcome to the Peak!! ;) )

~ Ron

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Post by Teo » April 7, 2009, 1:36 pm

Ron Atchison wrote:I'm sure it will be meaningful to a lot of people who are in similar positions.

(and Welcome to the Peak!! ;) )

~ Ron
I agree, and I agree!

Wonderful, inspirational post. Thanks ever so for sharing it!

Wishing you the best in your endeavors.

And so it is.

Love and *LIGHT* *BEING*,
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Post by kena_quote » April 15, 2009, 2:18 am

hello gail!

That was indeed a very inspirational story, I'm sure many will be encouraged to have closer relationship with God, in times like this people often count their misfortunes rather than the blessings they received, what happens to us may not be the thing we wanted out of life, we may not always understand but things happen for a reason.

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" - Robert Schuller

Thank you for sharing, I know that God will surely bless you more...

qin =)

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