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A Walk In The Park

Posted: March 21, 2010, 9:16 pm
by STAReye
A Walk To The Park

Angelina Jacqueline is a single Australian mom, living on the outskirts of Southern Australia near to the Charles Darwin University (CDU). She has a six year old child whose name is Croco. This name was given to him after his father was eaten alive by crocodiles while he was hunting fishes in the nearby marshlands, almost a year ago. Now Angel, as she likes to be called, is attending college at the CDU.

Last Sunday afternoon, Angel took Croco for his usual free play in the nearby park, where he would be able to play with other kids in the neighbourhood. While they were strolling along the footpath towards the park, an English professor, named Obingi Obungu was walking alongside them; he was heading towards the CDU library. He was from South Africa on contract with Charles Darwin University English Department.

As the English professor was about to pass Angel and her son, Croco on the sidewalk, the child suddenly held his mother’s hand with a firm grip. She looked down at him questioningly, her forehead almost revealing a question mark.
“Are you alright, Croco? “ Angel asked the child. She paused for a moment to look down at him.

Croco did not answer. He looked somewhat petrified , as he was staring wide-eyed at Obingi Obungu, the English professor.
“What’s the matter, Croco ? “ Angel again asked. This time she was looking at the child with a more puzzled gaze. “Is something wrong ?”

Croco slowly raised his right hand and pointed to Obingi Obungu, the English professor. His mother lifted her head and also looked in the direction of the English professor as he was walking away from them. He nodded at Croco, and smiled at him in passing.
“Mom” Croco started to whisper. Almost trembling as if he had seen a ghost. “ It’s laughing, Mom.”

“What ? What did you say ? “ Angel almost shouted at the boy, while she herself was now looking in the direction of the English professor.
Angel suddenly had a thought of what was likely going through Croco’s mind. The child had visited the Australian zoo with friends not so long ago. Angel recalled Croco talking about how Taffi, the black-coloured monkey waived at him, and how the monkey screamed at him when he did not respond. Moreover, Angel realized that Croco was never in contact with black children. The children he played with at the park were just like him in colour. And what was also of interest, Angel was a top student in Obingi Obungu’s Creative Writing class.

Angel felt a sense of guilt for not knowing what to say to her son, Croco. She quickly gave him a big hug and said to him, “That’s O.K. Croco, sweetheart. The ones you see on the street are friendlier than the others in the zoo. Someday you’ll learn the truth.”
Croco smiled. He wondered what his Mom meant by the word “truth”. His Mom took him back home to play with his toys.

Note: March 21, 2010 is International Day for the Elimination of Racism.
Racism exists in every part of the world. Ignorance is no excuse.
We need to understand and embrace our diversity; we need to appreciate our distinct differences. We need to strive to make our children participate in activities that allow them opportunities to live well among others.

Posted: July 4, 2010, 5:36 pm
by Davidf
Good story. It is sad racism still exists.

Posted: August 2, 2010, 7:10 am
by STAReye
Thanks for the comment/observation, Davidf. Racism comes in all shapes and forms. There is no cure for it. In some places and situations it is more fashionable than others. An umbilical knot of racism is discrimination ...and where ignorance of discrimination is bliss, it is a shame to be wise.

Leonard Dabydeen

Posted: March 5, 2011, 2:27 am
by Michelle
if you would indulge me I would like to contribute to this and say that racism works both ways not just whites being prejudiced towards colored... I was married to a high class Hindu and being a white girl the Hindus have an extreme racist attitude towards us thinking that all white girls are sluts and hussies and they would rather their sons marry a musllim girl than a white girl...!!!
when we went to San Francisco which is a supposedly liberal city we experienced racism in both directions again when trying to rent an apartment if we went to the black neighbourhood they took one look at me and suddenly the apartment no longer available and if we went to the white neighbourhood they took one look at my husband and suddenly the apartment no longer available so we ended up in a building where all they cared about was first and last month money... When we went to the black nightclubs the doormen did not want to let me in and my husband would say no it's ok she's australian, oh right then and I was allowed in...these few examples are just that a few examples as we experienced racism as a mixed couple over and over from both sides of the color spectrum.

A Walk To The Park

Posted: April 13, 2012, 7:22 pm
by STAReye
Time goes by so fast, but life goes on all the same, Mitchelle. Yes, indeed, racism comes in all shapes and forms. Not only both ways, but in many ways. Your experiences are worth sharing. TFS.