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God's Perfection for Shay - An Inspirational Moment

Beautiful stories written by YOU about a person or event that changed your life, gave you hope, made you dream...
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Post by superdaddy2007 » January 11, 2011, 5:53 am

Chush in Brooklyn, New York, is a school that caters to children with learning disabilities. Many of these children do not get the privilege of graduating from this school and remain there for their entire life time. For some that are lucky, they get to go on to more conventional schools later in their lives. For Shay, he was a typical child who struggles with understanding his world and remembering things he has learn. But in his father's eyes, Shay has received God's Perfection through inspiration moments before..

During one of the fund raising dinner in Chush, Shay's father shocked and moved the audience with the following true encounter with his son.

One day, Shay was walking home with his father when they walked past a park where a group of boys that he knew were playing a game of baseball. Shay was not athletic and did not experience many sports in his life. He craved for the opportunity to play whenever he had the opportunity.

Shay asked his father, "Do you think they will let me play with them?"

Dad knew his son was not at all athletic and that most other boys would hesitate to include him on their teams. With a heavy heart, Shay's father approached the group of boys in an attempt to fulfill one of his son's wishes.

Dad approached and asked one of the boys if Shay could play. The boy did not know what to do or say. So he started looking at his other friends for some guidance. None came as they all shied from making the decision. Finally, the boy decided to allow Shay to join in and even scheduled an at bat for Shay. By doing that he has set the stage for an inspiration moment in their time. Dad was overjoyed. Shay finally got a chance to play.

The team that Shay was in was down by six runs and it was already in the eight inning of the game. They wanted very badly to win the game. All boys wanted to win. Shay joined in as the centre fielder. Before the inning ended, Shay's team managed to score three more runs and close the gap to within three. If they could come back and win in this fashion, surely that will be considered a fine inspirational moment. The ninth inning ensued where Shay's team was due to bat.

As the final inning progressed, Shay's team found themselves in a bases loaded, two out situation with the potential winning run on base. Shay was due up to bat. Would the team actually allow this disabled boy who could not hit, and could hardly run, come up to bat in such a crucial moment?

Surprisingly, Shay's team allowed him to bat. Everyone also knew that they will lose the game. Shay could not even hold his bat properly, let alone hit a moving ball hurled towards him at high speed.

On the first pitch, the pitcher moved a few steps closer towards Shay and lofted a slow and arching ball towards home plate. Shay should be able to handle that right? But he missed! Strike 1!

On the second pitch, one of Shay's team mates came out to help him hold the bat properly and proceeded to guide him to hit the next pitch just like how some of the inspirational coaches whom he has seen on television before. Again the pitcher took a few steps forward and pitched an even slower ball towards home plate. As the ball came in, Shay and his helper together somehow managed to make contact with the ball and hit a soft grounder back towards the mound. It was an easy out for the pitcher to make to first base. Instead, he picked up the ball and threw it in a high arching trajectory towards right field beyond first base. At this point, everyone shouted, "Shay, run to first base!"

Never in his life has Shay made first base safely, but on this day, he did so with difficulty. By the time he was safe at first, the right fielder has retrieved the loose ball. He could have easily thrown it to second base who would have easily tagged Shay out who was still running. The game would have been over, and Shay would have been out. But the right fielder understood what the pitcher was doing. So he threw the ball high and far over the third baseman's head.

Everyone encouraged Shay to run to second base again. Shay did just that and as he circled the second, he continued running towards third base. Shay has never wandered this far before. By now, all the other runners have scored at home plate. The game is now tied.

Even the opposing short stop came up and cheered Shay onwards towards third base and on to something that he knew will be inspirational. By now, both teams were cheering Shay on towards home plate. The ball was no longer a concerned.

"Shay, run home!" all the players cried out. Shay reached home, stepped on home plate. He just hit the first game winning grand slam of his life. All 18 boys from both team gathered and lifted him onto their shoulders and gave Shay a celebration and honor of his life time.

Shay has won more than a game. He has experienced something what no elite sportsmen will never be able to experience. The experience of being love and appreciated despite all his handicap.

His father asked the audience, "Where is God's Perfection in all these?"

He continued, "God, brought someone like Shay into our lives to experience his perfection. That day," said Shay's dad as tears rolled down his eyes, "those 18 boys reached their level of God's Perfection."

Shay was in this world to bring the best of others. It is the most complete and perfect inspirational moment anyone can have.

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Post by Davidf » August 13, 2011, 8:33 pm

What a thrill that must have been for Shay! Even though, the other team missed the ball on purpose, it was probably a once-in-a-lifteime experience for him.
Have a blessed day!

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