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Servant Of Generosity and Purest Love

Posted: August 1, 2007, 10:36 pm
by Lion~*
A father and mother have 3 small children. A tiny home. A garden bursting to the gate... a gate that always swings with the tap tap footsteps of friends. What joy, bliss and faith fill the air of their peaceful abode!

New reports, fear, marching feet. An officer sent to war and mother left to hug her pillow at night. Three small children with wide eyes draw crayon pictures of their security. Weeds to pull and cookies to bake, life goes on with resilient endurance. This became the reality of a gently strong family.

Across town another family cringes in the dark mildew space. A father and mother with their own small children. Reviled, sought out to perish in smoke stacks... they endeavor to persist in the realm of the living by becoming invisible entities hidden in cracks. Children with hungry silent tears and parents with pinched nostrils and straining ears. Faith is their constant companion as the goose stepping clunk down alleys of cobblestones.

A mother of generous fame, baskets up a loaf,3 eggs and a cake. She walks with elegance down the road and slips quickly into oblivion emerging in a blinking instant before the corner lamp stand. With a knowing smile she skips inside like her little girl as she returns to her own with her wicker unburdened and her heart in high praise!

The knock came to her door sometime later. With rifles threatening she was told it did not befit an Officer's wife to be feeding those Jews! With her head held high and her children safely behind her skirt... she smiles graciously and agreed that an officer's wife should best care take his children and be vigilant for his triumphant return.

Within days she once again gathered together a shawl, a cake, some cookies hidden in stockings and off went her young daughter skipping and playing in innocence. When she returned the glisten in her eyes told her mother she had the heart of a servant.

As the war continued, so did the adventures of a young child with the courage of a matriarch! From hiding place to hiding place she delivered garden carrots and potatoes and sometimes chicken parts. She would go out wrapped in warmth for morning cold and come home in the warmth of sun baking her skin. She smiled at soldiers and shook hands with old men.

News reports, exhilaration and marching feet as fathers come home with downcast eyes and slumped shoulders. A mother waits with others along the sidewalk, her 3 children anticipating the sight of their father. He would not walk with the others. He would not say, "I love you all!"

Years later the Jewish mother decided to write her memoir. Within it is the loving account of a God-fearing family who served with deepest courage and generosity. She called that little girl the Sunshine who kept their family alive! The courage of a young German mother who refused to allow hatred into her soul and kept her children pure; she saved them all and lost her own beloved.

That little girl never changed. She served others with devotion even up until their very last breath. She would sit by their side and as their life force waned... she would sing them into Paradise!

Last Thursday... that glorious sparkle of Sunshine left this world with unexpected shock. Her own dear daughter said no one was there to sing her on her way... But I do not believe that. I believe the angels rejoiced mightily in songs as God received her spirit. I believe her reward will be eternally most blessed!

This is the true story of a delightful woman I had the pleasure of doing volunteer work with for 8 yrs. Ahhh... if all had the courage to love as this mother and child did! To refuse to conform to others hatred, but to be transformed into the purest love... unconditional! I admire so deeply the strength graced upon her and the gentleness of her generous servant heart.

July1st,1933 ~July 26th,2007 A phenominal dash inbetween! :D luv

Love Lion~*WeLeadByExample

Posted: August 1, 2007, 11:43 pm
by Maithri
What a spectacular story of true love,

Lifting my voice in praise for this blessed and beautiful life,

Thank you for sharing this dear friend,

Love, Maithri

Posted: January 5, 2008, 5:00 am
by ebullientenigma
This is an enthralling story!!

I loved reading this!

Posted: December 11, 2012, 2:33 am
by Lion~*
I think of her often... needed to find and read her story again tonight!!!! I can see her smile and hear her sing

Posted: January 15, 2013, 10:09 pm
by Ron Atchison
I'm so glad you brought this story to the top Janice... what a beautiful and courageous woman!!


Posted: January 3, 2015, 4:05 am
by eshall
We are always surrounded by angels who never fail to appear in our times of greatest need. It was then at this crucial point in my life, that Lea knocked on my door asking me if I wanted to go to America with her. Michael’s and her relationship was over. I said yes and chose running because dying wasn’t an option; I had a child to take care of.