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Onyemaechi : A tribute

Posted: October 17, 2014, 8:32 am
by 2tait
Onyemaechi: A Tribute

My earliest encounters of him was during the war
The war fought in the hinterland of cities and suburbs
Cities and suburbs filled by aborigines and internally displaced persons
Displaced persons mingling in blood and death, bemused, hungry and doing all to survive

To survive the war, they learned and began to do simple uncommon things
Uncommon things, to the uninitiated, heartrending and daring
And daring were his exploits to rescue his own despite the odds
The odds stacked against him in the line of sporadic enemy fires

Enemy fires notwithstanding, he blazed through the blitz attacks
Blitz attacks targeted at uncommon people who started off as ordinary people
Ordinary people who in their distress stood their ground
Created new consciousness, refused to buckle, made fear to be afraid and discouraged discouragement!