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From Parent to Child

They say a poem's not really a poem until you share it with someone else. And that's what this place is all about.
Beautiful Soul
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Post by mwzephyr » April 28, 2015, 1:33 pm

From Parent to Child

The walls of my love
will keep out the pain and sorrow.
Impenetrable by the chaos,
cold and emptiness.
It will keep you
fed, warm, safe and unassailed
by the fates;
for love will make it’s own destiny.
Walled in like a secret garden yes;
but unchained, unburdened and free to
To be unfettered by judgment;
knowing no bounds.
Within these walls of love,
born of flesh,
without debts;
no need to sing the blues,
no need to sell your soul
to pay demons hounding at your heels.
Just love in all it’s forms and seasons,
for all reasons.
Love forgets us not lest we forget love…
For I am here,
Dispelling pain, sorrow and fear.
Setting happiness within your space,
serenity shows a peaceful face.
Without worry,
without doubt;
cast unhappiness out.
For you to live in the “here and now”,
It’s the sincere wish I make just now.
May you take this gift that’s lain at the wayside,
While you traveled, while you grew;
pick it up and drop your burdens.
Rhymes and reasons won’t make it happen,
words won’t either,
but claim it with your thoughts
and wrap yourself within it till it heals you deep inside.
Lose all pain on the other side…
I do love you.

DRB 8/24/2007

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Everything In Moderation
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Post by Lion~* » April 29, 2015, 11:32 pm

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart...William Wordsworth

Follow your honest convictions, and stay strong. - William Thackeray

The bottom line, especially for my character,
is the issue of unconditional love.”
Matthew Weeden

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Cosmic Dreamer
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Post by Liebestraum » May 14, 2015, 4:04 am

Deeply poignant and beautiful, you speak from a loving heart.

Love is the One who masters all things;
I am mastered totally by Love.

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