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They say a poem's not really a poem until you share it with someone else. And that's what this place is all about.
Beautiful Soul
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Post by mwzephyr » January 14, 2016, 10:10 pm


Till I see thy gift,
I have nothing to behold.
Till I feel thy love for me,
I will ever be only cold.

Till I have thy shining face,
I will know but a world of woe.
Till I see thy shining star,
I will have no way to go
through the dark night before.
All is but a void around me,
until I feel the love of thy heart.

Till I hear thy words of wisdom
that have passed your tender lips,
I shall remain dumb-struck;
uttering not a sound.

When I cease my lonely travails
and look within to see the heart within my body,
a copy of thine own,
shall I cease to be apart
from thy love that would welcome me.

Joy then shall be heard,
when I return home
and joy shall resound in merry company;
from torment my soul is released.

When my feet,
weary from the trail,
rest beneath your table,
I shall have come full circle;
never lost from your heart.
Never lost,
but simply awakened!

Then too I shall reflect thy shining face,
as thine own heart beats within me,
and my arms shall welcome you.

Lost no more in lonely travail;
hearing your voice,
seeing your smile,
I recognize the ever beating heart
I have always carried within.

This gift I claim;
redeemed by your love,
never more forsaken.
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Beautiful Soul
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Post by Davidf » January 15, 2016, 2:04 pm

An excellent poem, but maybe this should be in the faith-based forum?
Have a blessed day!

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