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Inspiration Peak Forums • Meditations Whilst Lost At Sea
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Meditations Whilst Lost At Sea

Posted: March 27, 2017, 4:32 pm
by George Krokos
I awoke to find myself adrift but afloat
all alone at sea in a small sailing boat.
On an endless expanse of crystal green ocean
in all directions there was hardly any motion.

The sky above was very clear and limitless I deemed
and tended to meet the sea on the horizon it seemed.
The sun was setting in that area and the moon was rising in another rebirthed
so I got some sense of direction but still couldn't see any land the sea girthed.

How I wished then to have some wings to fly
like a bird through the air across all of the sky.
There would however be the question of ‘which way to go?’
because from where I had come from didn't seem to know.

I was alone in this stillness and the silence was almost complete
except for a constant throb heard which was my own heartbeat.
And so looking downwards on the water's surface saw my own face's reflection
and that of the sky above with stars shinning through upon a closer inspection.

There was also a slight ripple against the boat's hull
but apart from that everywhere else about was a lull.
Without even any hint of a little whispering breeze on the sail
it all appeared to be calm and peaceful around here to prevail.

On an endless ocean and also under a limitless sky
I found myself to be adrift there not knowing why.
With no idea of where I had come from or in which direction to go
there also wasn't anything else around with an indication to show.

After a while I noticed the boat’s rudder wasn’t fixed to steer it in any direction
and I realized then it was left up to me to make that particular personal selection.
A decision had to be made on which way to go and to help nature get me there
so I opted for the point where the sun set on the horizon and sea met sky there.

It seemed like I only had myself to depend on but what could this mean?
the answer to be found was probably related in some way to that scene.
As there was no one else close by to ask but my very soul
I somehow perceived that perhaps this was its peculiar role.

Just as there is light in either of the night or day skies from above
there's also a light of our soul hidden within the darkness thereof.
It is said that the outer world is that of the macrocosm
and our inner world being then that of the microcosm.

The drop is in the ocean and the essence of the ocean is in the drop
its separation is an illusion which our mind to see has a little to stop.
The wave then is part of the ocean and the ocean contains the wave
and existence is infinite because life continues again after the grave.

What many people tend to have faith in, although not appearing obvious or to exist,
giving no tangible proof to our senses, may yet through all existence actually persist.
And if It is All-pervading and All-knowing then It must be aware of every little thing
even though they be endless or limitless That being All-powerful sustains everything.

With the ebb and flow of the ocean's current then at eventide
I also had That to depend on to see where it took me for a ride.
Although I was left there at the mercy of a very gentle ocean swell
maybe Providence would take me back home again - who can tell?
I have created a graphic art image to go with this poem. Please use the address given below to view:-