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The Wonder Of It All

Posted: May 25, 2017, 3:59 pm
by George Krokos
In the time it takes for us to blink our eyes
somebody is born and someone else dies.
The way of the world is through life and death
all that exists is nourished by food and breath.

In just a fleeting moment so much goes on
it’s a wonder for our mind to reflect upon.
Yet all that ever happens has a beginning and end
in the vastness of time and space it has to contend.

What is life about and our purpose on this world here?
Is it not to grow and expand, to realise something dear?
We all have basic desires to achieve one thing or another
a sort of instinct or legacy through our father and mother.

In self knowledge and expression we all reveal the way forward
one step at a time or in leaps and bounds we come closer toward
where this impulse of life leads us or directs each one to go
while the emphasis is always to learn, live, love and to grow.

In life we all have to face situations by which we gain or lose
yet it depends so much on our ability and freedom to choose.
If we see beyond our present circumstances it’s a positive sign
and experience may prove that there was only an imaginary line.

In relationships there are certain things that we all come to know
whatever doesn’t appear on the surface, otherwise hard to show.
To cultivate or develop the best in ourselves and others is a worthy ideal
though many people have a tendency for the false instead of what is real.

There are so many aspects of life we take for granted or even miss their point
in our daily struggle for survival whoever we are or find ourselves at this joint.
It takes much discriminative knowledge based on experience to come out ahead
at the end of each day be able to relax or rest and even sleep soundly in our bed.

We’re all prone to the malady of living wherever we may happen to be
as long as we don’t make it harder for ourselves or others in being free.
And in seeking the right solutions to those problems or dilemmas that we face
we should realise them to be relative not just to one particular time and place. ___________________________

Re: The Wonder Of It All

Posted: July 1, 2017, 10:39 am
by Ron Atchison
You managed to pack many helpful insights into one poem George... thank you... I enjoyed reading it!

Re: The Wonder Of It All

Posted: August 6, 2017, 3:48 pm
by George Krokos
Thanks for reading and your comments Ron.