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Winter night

They say a poem's not really a poem until you share it with someone else. And that's what this place is all about.
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Beautiful Soul
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Post by Luna5770 » December 12, 2017, 11:22 am

Take me to the mountains
Where the moon is big and shiny
I want to worship the path we walk on
Where many walked before us;
to smell the snow, to smell the coldness
And to hold you tight in this lonely winter night.

by Luna :cool: :cool: :cool:

Hello my friends. Long time no write. How are you all?
“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

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Beautiful Soul
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Post by lifeboat » December 13, 2017, 9:12 am

I Love this Luna
It just captures the feeling so well...
It's great to see you back :)

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