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Inspiration Peak Forums • Ode To The Rain.
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Ode To The Rain.

Posted: December 20, 2017, 2:41 pm
by George Krokos
O rain, tear-like drops of almighty nature
whenever you come falling down
the earth tries to soak up the moisture
as if it were all willing to drown.

In times of need you are a blessing
and all the land cries out for thee
to restore life that you’re possessing
helping to grow fruit as on a tree.

The sun can not really have it all its own way
and hides behind clouds with you in store
although its light is dimmed part or all of the day
what you have to give then is required more.

The waters of life that fall down with a shower
and flow through the land in many streams
have the grace to transform a seed into a flower
whose nectar bees gather and health esteems.

It’s only when you overflow your boundary
and come falling down as if in a rage
you do more harm than good being contrary
to what is expected and don’t assuage.

With your two associates the lightning and thunder
and your other cohort the wind blowing strong
you try to subdue or intimidate everything there under
by wreaking havoc as if redressing some wrong.

It’s very fortunate for us that this doesn’t happen too often
and despite all the things which go on each day
I notice the ground, air and the minds of people do soften
after having come and gone and spent your play.

O rain, you are only just one of the forces of almighty nature
and if employed in season or need can draw no blood
but deployed haphazardly will bring down any proud stature
sweeping away all before you when rushing in a flood.