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Darkness fades...comes the sleepy sun.
Day arrives...Spring has begun.
Birds chirping...greetings of Spring
serenades the day...with songs they sing.
Flowers of color...kissed with dew
stretch out their limbs...feeling brand new.
Butterflies dancing...on the morning breeze
enjoying their life...being carefree.
All come together..."Nature's Cabaret"
Celebrating together...this new Spring day.

"Celebrating Spring" by visitor Laura Lynn Watchorn
 (Thank you Laura!)

There is no other season that has the affect, much like a burst of energy, on the world at large more so than Spring. Whether one lives in the North or the South, it is thanks to this season for the renewal of life that it brings. Birds, children and adults have a new pep to their step, and once again start to sing. The foliage awakens and blossoms, giving way to a wondrous new playground, all thanks to the welcomed arrival of our Spring.

Written by visitor Joanne Ramirez
(Thank you Joanne!)

The Dawning Of Spring
in a New Zealand Garden
From an essay written by visitor Nina Driver

I love to walk through the bush early in the morning, observing the different shades of green, listening to the humming of insects, and hearing the  tinkling music of the water, as it ripples over the stones in our local creeks. It seems to say, " Hallo one and all, I have been sleeping a long time, but am alive once more. Come and join me."

New hope is risen and dreams are remembered. Everywhere I look new life stirs. Mother Nature breathes heavily, as she flutters her wings and whispers a message to all living things. "Wake up, wake up, it's morning, the first day of Spring." I walk on, and with each step I shed a year.

(Thank you Nina!)

Enjoy the Spring of Love and Youth, to some good angel leave the rest; For Time will teach thee soon the truth, there are no birds in last year's nest! 

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

When the night has been too lonely, 
and the road has been too long, 
and you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong, 
just remember,
in the winter, 
far beneath the bitter snow,
lies the seed that with the sun's love
in the spring becomes the rose. 
                                  Bette Midler

"Keep your faith in all beautiful things; in the sun when it is hidden, in the spring when it is gone."

Roy R. Gilson


Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself. 
Zen Proverb 

Since the whole world cannot buy a single spring day, 
of what avail to seek yellow gold?

Hsi Pei Lan 

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