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The Art Of Living
Your Dreams

Making your dreams come true is not about blood, sweat and tears... it's about beliefs, imagination and expectation! In this exceptional audio series, Mike Dooley reminds us that we live in a magical universe governed by unchanging and unbreakable laws that, once fully understood, can be used to completely transform our lives.

Mike Dooley - also known as 'The Universe' here at Inspiration Peak - teaches that we don't need more education, more connections or more lucky breaks... but we do need to understand the principles and concepts that every prophet and messiah has shared since the beginning of time. Principles that have everything to do with the truth about who we are, why we're here, and the magic at our disposal.

The audio series - which you're welcome to try risk-free - is made up of twelve CD's (or cassettes), each of them approximately an hour long.

Here are the chapter titles:


Thoughts Become Things Explanations and anecdotes on the absolute power of YOUR thoughts and how they shape the events and circumstances of your life.


Beliefs The precursors of your thoughts and imagination. How to detect and work with yours so as to align them with the life of your dreams.


Blessed Emotions What they are, where they come from, how to understand their source and learn from them.


Life’s Waiting for YOU The importance of all the things you think, say and do. How you make your intentions known to the Universe, and how you can instantly change the direction of your life.


Gifts from HeavenYour desires, dreams, hunches and intuition all have a reason for being in your life, a really, really important reason.


Magical Universe - Faith and the magic it inspires in a Universe conspiring on YOUR behalf.


The Elixir of Life - Focuses on understanding your true nature as a spiritual being, considers karma and its common misconceptions, past lives, the Bigger YOU, what’s meant to be, and life's "Big Picture".


Abundance, Health & Harmony - Your inalienable birthrights!


Relationships - At home, at work, in love... how to move with, and understand, yours to maximize the learning and  rewards they promise.


Tools & Techniques - Even more simple tips on applying the contents of this series to YOUR life. Creative visualization, belief bulldozing, acting as if, tuning in, understanding, modeling, and more.


Questions & Answers - Philosophical and penetrating answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about life, dreams and happiness.


The Meaning of Life - A little story, and an inspiring wrap on the "game" of life.

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Infinite Possibilities

"I wish there was some way we could introduce this course and these ideas to every young person on the planet so they might understand right from the start how beautiful and how powerful they really are."

Ron Atchison  

   Inspiration Peak


"I have been struck by epiphany after epiphany listening to these tapes... so far I’ve listened to #3 over 20 times... !"

  Steve Bailey,  
   Simi Valley, CA


I thought you should know that the audiotapes have opened a fabulous world to me that I think I always knew existed, I just wasn't sure and didn't completely believe. My eyes are slowly beginning to open, sped up with your help. Thanks so much for being you and doing what you do I hope to meet you someday and say thanks in person. Until then, please accept my good wishes and my heartfelt encouragement to continue helping others see the truth. Thanks for everything.





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