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Beautiful Prayers

We found 17 of them!


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A Prayer For Our Children - by Anonymous

Grace - by Rafael Jesús González

A Special Prayer
From A Dog To His Master
- by Beth Norman Harris

A Prayer - by Max Ehrmann

Daily Acceptance Prayer - by Author Unknown

Earth Healing Prayer - by Medicine Grizzly Bear

A Prayer of Thanksgiving - by Max Coots

A Prayer For Children - by Ina Hughs

My Computer Prayer - by Author Unknown

These Are My Wishes For You - by Sandra Sturtz Hauss

My Prayer - by Ted Hibbard

The Little Plans - by Anushree Karnani

A Candle in My Heart - by Prayer of An African Schoolgirl

Hold On... - by A Pueblo Indian Prayer

A Prayer For Courage - by Rabindranath Tagore

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