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Accidental Angel 
The true story of how two strangers changed each others' lives, in ways they could have never imagined.

Things Change 
The real-life story of Alex Miller and another good example of why we should never give up.

You Are My Life  (Real Life)
There was a boy in India who was sent by his parents to a boarding school. Before being sent away this boy was the brightest student in his class...

Living Proof  (Real Life)
The real life story of Brian Boyle, a promising young athlete who was almost killed in a collision with a dump truck.

Captain McDanial  (Real Life)
The true story of a young soldier who is given a 'special assignment'...

Be Happy (A True Story) 
Around twenty years ago I was living in Seattle and going through hard times. I could not find satisfying work and I found this especially difficult...

Stroke Of Faith  (Real Life)
The story of a young mother and her two daughters and the lesson they learned one day at the beach...

Your Inner Voice  (RealLife)
My day started just like all the other days for the past 15 years where I get up, make some coffee, shower, get dressed and leave for the train station...

The Boy At The Track 
When things seem so hopeless that you are ready to give up, that is the time when things are most likely to turn around for you...

Doing Well By Doing Good  (Speech)
There is a man who I'd like to tell you about. His name is Sandy Greenberg.

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