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Positive Intent

Posted: December 24, 2018, 4:26 am
by lifeboat
The Power of Positive Intent

Years ago I learnt the power of assuming positive intent in bringing about great outcomes. Especially from interactions that could easily have foundered on the rocks of defensiveness, denial, and dismissal.

Three months ago I heard Sally Brock (about to win the Ladies and Mixed Bridge World Championships) ask who is the best Bridge Player in The World?

The answer she wanted was for each of us to say 'My Partner'

Treat your Bridge (or business) Partner as if they are the best in the World and your results will go up at least 5% overnight

Re: Positive Intent

Posted: January 29, 2019, 11:04 pm
by Lion~*
I was recently speaking with someone who was very negative about their long standing relationship. THey indicated that it was a waste... that they had been too stupid when younger. I don't believe that. Youth hopes and has the best intent for a loving, joyful future. Their relationship was not very prosperous in emotion and unity. Together they struck a match and their * bridge* burnt and floated down river.... but all that was hoped for... actually existed. If they'd just stood on each side they could have been bridge building partners and found one another standing securely over a vital flood of possibilities. THey never chose that... and now they never will. That made me sad and made me think about what a curse it is to resent someone... it never changes them... but it sure changes you. This person changed the make up of their own soul and the opportunities life had available until they died a slow, sad death... all because of where negative intent found a place to live. 5% really does change a game doesn't it Lifeboat?!

I believe in the power of positive intention...even when results are not always so positive. For the love in one's soul... that honest intent remains unaltered in it's truth..... even if met by another's truly negative choice.