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Post by Luvanir » August 7, 2014, 5:49 pm

Hope u enjoy reading

Judgement Day
BY J.Erojo

A single soul is standing before God waiting to be judged. His head is bowed his eyes point the ground. All he wants is to be somewhere else and at the same time he doesn't want to be anywhere else as in the presence of his God . He is ashamed, scared, happy , sad, amazed and full of anger bout his past .
His stomach feels like it would be filled with millions of bees and butterflies buzzing and flying around. His eyes are filled with tears. He's shaking.
He can't hold his feelings back and falls crying on he's knees.
He has so many to say . So many questions, apologies and words of awe.
God is silently watching him. The single soul can feel he's love.
With a sudden move he raises his head, with eyes closed and shouts aloud with a shaking voice: "FORGIVE ME! Tears are running down his cheeks .
God is smiling but he can't see it with eyes shut.
"No!" The single soul whispers and buries his face in his hands.
"NOOO!" he shouts
I don't deserve your love nor your forgiveness . Judge me! Punish me I deserve it. But I beg you , do it quick . I can't take it anymore . I would have waled away already but my feet don't want the way I want. My whole being wants to be in your presence. But I feel dirty and guilty at the same time. I'm ashamed . Just send me to where I belong . To Hell!
In this moment God embraced him. The single soul felt his unconditional and endless love. He forgot about everything sad, bad and dirty. Everything felt beautiful and perfect.
"I never felt so much Love and joy before" He said. I don't want to feel anything else than this. I want this moment to last forever.
"You felt this way before. You just can't remember it." God said
"Look at yourself child. Can u see what you have become? Can u remember who you were?"
The single soul, who had calmed down now took a look at himself and saw himself being a shadow dark and dull.
"I am a shadow but I don't remember who I was on earth . I just remember my sins and my guilt. Why am I alone? Where are the other souls? Am I the first or the last to be judged?"
"You are the only one!" God said smiling
"But how? We where many?"
"And still it was you only. Let me refresh your memory my child."
God took the shadows hand and walked with him into a garden.
"This is the garden Eden. I created this and all for you. Before I created heaven and earth you were with me. You were an angel . You were light. But then you wanted be more. You wanted to be the creator. "If I only would be at your place ....." You said to me once. So separated you from the whole. And so darkness was created. You were huge but u fell empty so u asked me to give u a home a place on your own. so I created heaven and earth plants, animals ,birds and finally a body for your homeless soul. I named u Adam.
I put you in garden Eden which I created for you to enjoy your new being . I give you the power of creation and the earth was your playground.
Then you came to me and said you still feel alone. You need one of your own kind. So I separated your soul in two and created Eve from your own flesh . You loved Eve right away but your pride needed to be fed so you started creating beasts and monsters which were known as dinosaurs by human kind to show your power to Eve. You were living happily in Eden till the day you started to create the Flesh eating beasts. Eve didn't like them and addressed you to destroy your creation but this wasn't in your power.
So u asked me to give you the power of destruction.
I warned you about this ability but you didn't want to hear. So I created the tree of knowledge and warned you about it's fruit. "This fruit will give you the power of creation and destruction but if you eat from it you'll have to leave this place I have created for you and live on earth till the day of darkness."
"What is this ? The day of Darkness?" Eve asked. "It's the day when love leaves earth" I said
"That day will never come as long as earth belongs to me." You said with a proud voice.
"Still! I warn you my beloved Adam and Eve.Trust in me that I only want the best for you".This were my last words to u before u ate from that tree even though I had warned you. But your pride had blinded you and it made you leave Eden.
As you and eve were falling from heaven you let fire rain from heaven and destroyed your own creations. Then you and Eve started to create new plants, animals and birds. They were beautiful . I saw the love you had in your heart in your creations. The love and power in your heart and hands was too much for two so you decided to become many. New bodies were born and every time a child was born a part of your soul dived into that body.
Your sons had the same pride in their hearts as you had and that made them fight each other and Kain killed Abel .
As I had warned you the darkness in you grow faster than the light. The human kind was about to destroy himself.
Those who still remembered my warnings were praying to me asking me to give them a second chance. So I spoke to all human in their visions and dreams and told them I would bring the flood and what they should do to stay alive. Only a handful of yours listened to my warnings, Noah one of them and they survived.
The dirt was washed away and the earth was filled with light again. But it didn't take long for you to fill earth with hatred and death again. To gain power you created a furious, angry and scary God, you spoke in my name and judged in my name.You wrote commands on papers and stones because you had forgotten those written on your heart and whatever you did wrong was because of the "Devil" , again one of the creations of your own mind. Just because you were too pride to see the darkness in you. .The power to take lives and the power of invention let you forget the power of creation I gave you. Only some of you still had the ability of creation. Most used it in selfish way, known as black magic to gain more power, some used it selfless and healed and helped others. And some used the power not knowing it came from themselves, calling it miracles. Moses, David, Solomon they didn't have more or less power in themselves than the other bodies ever lived on this planet. But they were some of those who learned to listen to their hearts. Their heart made their mind remember me. Some of them sang me songs, others built me houses, some others lost mind and wanted to kill their own flesh and blood as an offering to me. I never asked any of you for anything, all those dead rocks , all those innocent animals .
But your human mind just couldn't understand and gasp the fact that none of you were loved more or less . I loved u all equally .
You had forgotten me . My real me . So I sent you my son to let you remember. He cleansed and healed many just buy letting them remember one thing. The faith in pure love. "Your faith has saved you" he told a man after he was healed. But yet you crucified him because the darkness in your heart couldn't bear so much light walking on "your earth". Nevertheless Jesus' love which is my love for you followed you all the rest of your lives. And a very small part of u always believed in his love which is my love for you.
You asked me where the other souls are . You are the one and you are all. You are the human kind. You were Adam, Eve , Enoch, Noah , Moses and David . You Where
Herodes, Nero and Hitler. Adam was the cloud. Your soul was in every body who were separated from this whole like raindrops from a cloud. And today all those drops came together and are whole again.
Do you understand?
Whatever you did, good or evil you did it to yourself. All the hating , killing , raping all the lies it was you against you. All the love, tenderness and laughs it was you for you.
Do u understand now why my son said "love your neighbor as you love yourself?"
I didn't want you to experience all this . But it was your own wish. Even though I knew how it would end I gave you the power and freedom to see it by yourself because, yes because I love you.
The silent soul broke his silence . His voice shaking, there was nothing of that proud sound left which left his mouth back then in the beginning of all creation.
I understand. You were right. You are right. And I was wrong. Now I understand what I had before I left you. You always gave me more than I deserved. And what did I do? I failed you.
God smiled. You still don't get it do you? I love you unconditionally, I always did. So how could you ever fail me?
But look at me I'm a shadow I'm darkness you are the goodness and light . I'm not the angel who was before. An angel of light. I'm the angel of death and darkness . I deserve your punishment.
"There!" GOD pointed on the place where the shadow creators heart would be. There is a little fire burning there. So little that only I can see it. It's that part of you who believed in me. That part which my son died for on earth. The darkest darkness you created couldn't kill this flame. This eternal flame in you , called love. And it's true ! You're not the Angel which u used to be.
Now come Lucifer let me cleanse you my child.
God touched Lucifer and the light in God's Angel started to grow till there was no darkness anymore.

Dedicated to my daughter Isanielle, my wife Marie and my brother in Christ Ashley Nunes and his beloved family .

God bless you all

Please feel free to share this story

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Post by Matthew Olszewski » April 21, 2015, 1:35 pm

Interesting story, thanks.

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