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Ode To Beauty

Posted: December 19, 2018, 11:39 pm
by George Krokos
Ode To Beauty

Ah, beauty! you command so much of our love and respect
but are you in reality like that we have all come to expect?
You always stand out naturally amidst certain things we find
being made of the stuff which captivates our heart and mind.

On appearance you’re exquisite and demand our admiration
and usually have to be handled with care and consideration.
It’s because of you we all become overwhelmed with desire
but if we’re thwarted by indifference we burn in love’s fire.

The world knows where you belong and tries to keep you there
far above all the rest by acknowledging your artistry and flair.
You’re that which it most easily succumbs to without any fuss
because you possess and provide all the appropriate stimulus.

Throughout the ages you have been recognised and adored
and it’s no wonder that with you we seldom ever get bored.
In nature you share a high place besides eternity’s throne,
but to see you as you really are one has to witness it alone.

You tend to take up so much of our time we hardly realise
that you’re the only one which we’ve come to truly idolise.
In our efforts to always possess you we’re usually led astray
and undergo many sacrifices in all our life to make you stay.

What you really are though few have ever come to suspect
let alone truly know how to gain what you offer or collect.
As you come in so many forms we look for you everywhere
and if we happen to find you we’re burdened with much care.

Even in our wildest imagination we can’t forget or ever leave you be
and it seems that you’re the one thing in life we all would like to see.
The truth of the matter is that you really don’t belong to just anyone
and if anyone claims you as their own they spoil everyone else’s fun.

It’s only for a period of time though we appreciate your outward form
as it is either we or you that time gets the better of which is the norm.
If there be an Infinite and Ageless Beauty you’re the temporary expression of
please convey the highest praise and adoration that I can give - my pure love.