e only way out is through.










Poems and Prayers


If it's beautiful ,
chances are you'll find it here.


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A Strange and Beautiful Flower - by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

This Is Just The Way It Is - by Janice Stephens

We Shall Survive - by Maya Angelou

One Small Rose - by Author Unknown

May God Bless You - by Author Unknown

Reflections - by Cathy Fotorny

2DaY - by Mustafa Tayyeb

When I Quit This Mortal Shore - by Author Unknown

It Happens All The Time - by Hafiz

Chistmas Reality (The Poem) - by Ron Atchison

Grandfather, Lean To Hear Me - by Black Elk

Let Us Pray - by Max Coots

Recipe For A Wonderful New Year - by Author Unknown

From The Day We Met - by Colleen Townsend

To My Grandma - by Roni Townsend


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