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I'll Sit Here And Pray 

Veronica A. Shoffstall  


So I'll sit here now and I'll pray to You
('though I can't really say why),
as the walls collapse around me
and my loved ones suffer and die,

and my health gives way and bills pile up
and time slips too quickly past,
as I count all the joys life's denied me,
and those that didn't last.

I'll offer You thanks, my Creator,
for the gifts You've yet to repeal;
for walking and vision and laughter,
for music, and dreams that seem real,

for people who love me and seasons that change,
for my body's own memories of love,
and I'll sit here and pray in the darkness,
for all the good it does.

A very special thank you to Veronica for allowing us to share this poem with you. Copyright 2003, Reprinted with permission.

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