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An Autumn Leaf 

Immanual Joseph  


Yesterday, I was the mist of the waterfall
Tomorrow I will be a raindrop
Racing toward my destiny
  But today
I am the cloud
Floating amidst the mountain peaks
The hangman’s noose is empty
For I am life
  I cannot be destroyed
The winds of adversity
  Buffet and mould me
Yet I float free
I am freedom
The bird that flits happily
Among olive trees
I am the wind of the evergreen glades
  I am boundless
Without secrets, without fear
  I am love
The red ferns on mossy grass
  I am Now
This hour, eternity
I know no beginning or end

I cannot be destroyed.

Born in Chennai, India, Immanual is currently a scientist working to find a cure for cancer. His passion for creativity has fostered his ‘other-lives’ as writer, painter and radio-artiste. His two published books in tamil- Mirugam and Anichamalar- have received critical praise from readers in India and Malaysia. Immanual now lives in California with his wife and two wonderful children.

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