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Like I Knew I Would 



I heard a song yesterday
And it reminded me of you
Iíve heard it play a hundred times before.
But I thought of you and smiled
I wish that you were here, or I was there
I guess I miss you
Like I knew I would

I saw a little boy today
And he reminded me of you
Iíve seen boys play before today but
He made me think of you and how you laughed
I guess I miss you

And later I was reading back
To how things were
And I was laughing through my tears
At the thought of you
How I wished that you were here, or I was there
And I was missing you
Like I knew I would

And if I never see you again this side of forever
Can I tell you that I love you
That Iíll never forget you,
Even though youíll forget me
And thatís okay
For when I think of you I always smile
Like I knew I would.

A Note From The Author:
I wrote this for Mark, a little boy who lives at the Thai orphanage I worked in. It's not terribly polished, but it's got real emotion... It always makes me think, (after I'm done missing the kids) about how love is a choice we make... a choice that we make despite what we know it might do to our hearts if we have to say goodbye. It's voicing acceptance of the chance (or certainty, in this case) of that pain. Also, that it is worth every heartache...

© Copyright 2004, All Rights Reserved.

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