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Perfect Imperfection 

Melissa Bachara  


I am a contradiction
a perfect imperfection
On looking in from outside
I think I壇 pass inspection

My nails are neat, each hair in place
My clothes the latest styles
But look a little closer,
And you can see my trials

The window to my balanced soul
Is stained from too much smoke
A birds eye view down at my heart
Will clearly show it痴 broke

My best intentions lead to pain
And complicated messes
My head is filled with wishes,
My decisions second guesses

There was a time I tried to hide
each wrinkle, scar and tear
But I知 learning to appreciate
That I知 more than I appear

Each wrinkle tells a story
The path from there to here
I致e earned a little wisdom
With every falling tear

My soul will soar in brilliant skies
But then I値l need to rest
The embers of my passion
Still smolder in my chest

Perhaps I値l let my hair go wild
And skip the manicure
I値l wear my favorite color
They値l say "Hey, look at her"

My hair, my heart, my clothes, my soul
Will walk in one direction
No longer contradicting
My perfect imperfection

This 'perfect' poem was posted in our Poetry Forum on July 12, 2005. Melissa is a freelance writer and graphic designer living in the United States.

ゥ 2004, by Melissa Bachara. All Rights Reserved.

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