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Cathy Fotorny  


an open book,
a pool of water,
a starry night,
pale moonlight.

a penny.
a nickle.
a dime.
a glass of cold wine.

seeing yourself in his eyes for the very first time.
your firstborn son.
grapes fresh off the vine.

a cracked mirror.
shards of glass.
memories of days gone past.

first blood.
round hips.
first kiss.

deep sighs.
so many lies.

sitting in the dark.
a walk in the park.

chocolate warm and creamy.
love, dreamy.
a shower hot and steamy.

sunlight, soft and warm.
candy, flowers,
rings of gold.

bruises, black and blue,
laughter, hugs,
friends so true.

a cold day, a tear,
no one to hear.

death of a parent,
first one then two.
realizing you're an orphan at forty two.

snowflakes, ice crystals.
cold winter's day.
frank sinatra 'i did it my way'.

life at its best.
full circle.
last request.

A very special thank you to Cathy for sharing her poem with us. Cathy is a wife and mother of three living in upstate New York.

2006, Cathy Fotorny

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