e only way out is through.









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Mustafa Tayyeb  


..2DaY..LeMmE sHaR 1 mOr sMiLe 2DaY, LeMmE dRiNk 1 mOr tEaR 2DaY, LeMmE LiV 1 mOr LiFe 2DaY, LeMmE c 1 mOr dReAm 2DaY, 2DaY LeMmE AsK MySeLf WHO I M & WAT M I HERE 4, & StArTiN FrM 2DaY LeMmE FiNd dA CoRrEcT AnSwErZ..2DaY..CoZ I DuNno iF I hAv A 2MrRoW LeFt

A very special thank you to Mustafa for sharing these powerful words with us.

2006, Mustafa Tayyeb

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