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What Have I Done With My Feet 

Melissa Bachara  


What have I done with my feet?

They have been here as long as I remember
Carrying me soundly
To Kindergarten when I was only five
Despite my fear and tight black patent leather shoes.

What have I done with my feet?

Soft and strong,
They frolicked with me across summertime grass
Until they blended into the hues of green
They cleaned up just fine in a Mr. Bubble bath
Despite what my mother said.

What have I done with my feet?

They danced in my first shiny high-heeled shoes
With a boy whose face I vaguely remember
Who held me close and made me feel beautiful
Despite stepping on my feet now and then.

What have I done with my feet?

In white canvas Converse All-Stars
They boarded a plane to Texas
Ready to help me walk down bigger roads
Despite my small town roots and the $200 in my pocket.

What have I done with my feet?

Nails polished to perfection,
They carried me down the white aisle
Never tripping over my fears
Despite their knowledge that I was trading
My independence for a compromise

What have I done with my feet?

I stand at the beginning of a new and foreign road,
Baggage up to my ears and looking for my feet
Immobile, I wait for those reliable feet to move me forward
Despite my doubts and reservations
Knowing I will move forward

If only I could find my feet.

A very special thank you to Melissa Bachara for sharing this in our Poetry Forum on December 29, 2003. Copyright 2003.

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