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And A Meadowlark Sang
Perhaps one of our favorite poems. Originally written by Ravindra Kumar Karnani in the Hindi language. Mr. Karnani is a regular visitor to Inspiration Peak and currently resides in India.
The Starfish
Can one person really make a difference?
A Walk In The Mountains
A son and his father were walking in the mountains...
Simple Messages (RealLife)
Written by our friend Mary Fischinger about an experience she encountered while her 17-year old son was fighting cancer.
The Twelve Gifts Of Birth
A beautiful story about the gifts every child is given at birth. Parents may want to print this one, place it in an envelope with your child's name on it and tuck it under the Christmas tree.
'What Life Is All About' (Essay)
If you were on our daily mailing list last year you'll remember reading an essay called 'What Life Is All About'. It was so well received we decided to give it a special home.
Because We Can, We Must (Speech)
From a speech given by Irish rock star Bono to the graduating class at the University of Pennsylvania on May 19, 2004.
State Of The World Message
I've had the opportunity to evaluate the condition of the world over the course of the last 48 hours and I'm pleased to report that there are many reasons to be hopeful...
Do You Have Any Change?
Several years ago I was at a train station in Amsterdam waiting in line to buy a ticket...
A Letter To Santa Claus (Christmas)
According to our sources, the following letter was found in the 'Letters To Santa' box at the Post Office in Thompson Falls, Montana.

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