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Gifts From The Heart
According to legend, a young man while roaming the desert came across a spring of delicious crystal-clear water...
That Is Enough
A sick man turned to his doctor, as he was preparing to leave the examination room and said, "Doctor, I am afraid to die..."
Set Yourself Free (Essay)
Set yourself free from anything that might hinder you in becoming the person you want to be...
Warrior Of The Light (Excerpt)
An excerpt from a book written by the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho.
Being Polite
I walked with a friend to the newsstand the other night, and he bought a paper, thanking the owner politely...
Love, Wealth and Success
A woman came out of her house and saw three old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard...
Stroke Of Faith (Real Life)
The story of a young mother and her two daughters and the lesson they learned one day at the beach...
The Round Tuit
We published this a couple years ago in one of our daily messages - and here it is again, back by popular demand!
Last Will And Testament
In the pocket of an old ragged coat belonging to an elderly man in Chicago, there was found, after his death, a will...
Paid In Full (Mother's Day Story)
A little boy came up to his mother in the kitchen one evening while she was fixing supper, and he handed her a piece of paper that he had been writing on...

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