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The 2007 Inspiration Peak
E-Card Design Challenge!

Help us build the world's greatest collection of inspirational e-cards and you'll be entered to win a $100.00 Prize!


Here's how it works...

You, being the creative type that you are, design up to five e-cards and send them to us using our online entry form.

A panel of judges will then meet once a month to select the best designed entries and add them to our online e-card collection.

In addition to having your work published you'll have the option to include your name, some biographical information and even a link to your website. (For artists and designers this is a great way to bring attention to your other projects!)

The best part though is that everyone, regardless of whether or not your design is selected for publication, has a chance to win the $100 prize on September 30, 2007.

Here's what our judges are looking for:

Does it have some magic?  The best e-cards are the ones you just have to share with someone because they move you in some way. It may be that the picture is really beautiful or the thought conveys a lot of meaning. Either way, you can't wait to send it to someone!

Is it attractively designed?  If your e-card is easy on the eye, you're half way there! If you haven't done much design in the past, you may want to grab a book on graphic design or visit your local greeting card store and see what appeals to you.

Is it inspirational?  Keep in mind that most of our e-cards travel around the world several hundred times a week and we want to make sure that - when it gets to its final destination - somebody can feel the inspiration.

Types of Cards:

As of now, we really need cards in the following categories:

Get Well Cards
Birthday Cards
Valentine's Day Cards
Mother's Day Cards
Easter Cards
Thanksgiving Cards
Graduation Cards
Children's Cards

In addition, we're always looking for more:

Inspiration Cards
Friendship Cards
Love Cards
Nature Cards and
People Cards

You can use pictures, quotes, drawings, poems, objects, paintings, illustrations.... whatever you want to create your masterpiece!

Card Dimensions:

Vertical cards should be 300 pixels wide by 380 pixels high.
Horizontal cards should be 490 pixels wide by 320 pixels high.

  (Give or take a few pixels ;-)

File Types:

We accept all .gif, .jpg and .png files.

File Sizes:

E-cards need to have small file sizes (somewhere between
15-35 kb) so that people with slow internet connections can download them easily.

In order to submit your entry using our online form, your e-card file will need to be less than 100 kb in size.  Most graphic design programs will allow you to 'shrink' the file size.

If all else fails, you can always e-mail the file to us as an attachment and we'll make sure it gets to the judges.

Contest Rules

You may send us your design entries anytime between now and September 21st, 2007. 

You may submit up to 5 entries. If one of your e-cards is selected, you'll be invited to submit an additional 5. Each entry gives you one more chance to win our $100 drawing on September 30, 2006.

By submitting your design, you agree that Inspiration Peak may have non-exclusive rights to publish your design. This means that the design is still owned by you but you have granted Inspiration Peak a non-cancelable right to publish it on our website.

Successful entrants will be invited to share their name, a short biography and a link to their website next to their e-card.

All entrants, whether selected for publication or not, will have their names placed in a drawing to win the $100. prize on September 30, 2007.

Original files cannot be returned so please make sure you have made a backup copy for your records!

Are You Ready?

When you're ready to send us your e-card entry, all you have to do is click on the button below and you'll be taken to our online entry form: