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Be A Young Hero!

Sponsor an AIDS orphan in Swaziland

Inspiration Peak is very proud to support the efforts of Young Heroes, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the children of Swaziland who have lost both of their parents to AIDS.

Initially developed by Peace Corps volunteers, Young Heroes makes it easy for us to select one child or a child-run family and make sure they have the food and clothing that every child on earth deserves.

Twenty dollars a month is all it takes to change the life of one kid, and there's no better feeling in the world than knowing that - because of you - a child doesn't have to beg or steal or go to bed hungry tonight. (Nineteen of the twenty dollars goes directly to the child in the form of food or clothing, one dollar goes toward administration costs.)

Inspiration Peak challenges all of its friends all over the world to sponsor at least one of these great kids. Then, after you receive the child's picture (which will be mailed to you by the Young Heroes organization), put it in a beautiful frame and display it where your friends can see it.  When they ask you who the child is, tell them.  Let them know how they too can be involved.

One more thing... when you're finished sponsoring your child, please use this form to send us a little note that says simply 'I did it.' (or something to that effect). This lets us know our campaign is working and it helps to motivate others!

     Start Here To Become A Young Hero!



i did it ron. - sk8er

I did it.  - Doug

I did it. Thank you for an opportunity to make a difference. - Ripleykatzzz

I did it...thanks so much for the inspiration. - smilinglotus

i did it - dreamgiver

I did it. Twice. - longelu

I Did It...thank you Ron for the opportunity to support this "Special Cause" - Sandy

I did it. - Inara

This is so moving. We have so much. I have no excuse but to do this. Thank you. I did it. - Gaya                

I did it. - Donna P.

Did you do it?


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