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Dream Big Dreams! 

William Curtis  


Every one of us is a mother, father, son or daughter - and we all have dreams - big and small. Unfortunately, too many of us keep these dreams to ourselves because we fear what others might say. My point in writing this is to say it's OK to dream and dream big and talk about your dreams so that others are inspired to dream big too. What a world we would have if everyone did this!

My dad was a dreamer. He told me that one day he was going to have a sailboat. We would go to the boat shows whenever they came to town and climb into them. My father would talk to the sales people and I would be busy pretending to sail the boat. It was fun. Then one day we went to the boat place and took out a sailboat on the ocean, what a thrill! Soon afterwards he bought his first boat and named it "LETSGO" and we sailed and sailed big bays and seas around New England. When I was older I got to be the skipper because he not only told me his dream he showed it to me and let me taste the idea on my own. Now I was inspired to dream big too.

You see dreams can do wonders for you. When you believe in your dreams, they take on a life of their own. Now you start dreaming up things to do to make your inspiration a reality. More dreams , more inspiration, then more dreams and a few more. Then one morning you wake up and the dream has come true.

My dreams have taken me to so many beautiful places; I've been below the surface of the ocean watching the beauty of coral and fish as I swim by. I've flown an airplane with pontoon floats from a lake in northern Maine and another different plane on a flight over the Grand Canyon. I've also ridden under my own wind blown sails. The pictures in my head are priceless and better than any I've taken.

Some of the best times I've had were listening to older people talk about their dreams and what their dreams did for their lives. When I hear some of their dreams it inspires me to think and dream how I might do that too.

I interviewed a man some years ago who was 80-something years young. He was a sturdy man with the hands to match the story he told me. Hands still strong enough to crack the shells of the walnuts he offered me and munched on. He had outlived his wife but still lived in their neat home with bookcases near the fireplace he no doubt built. I asked one question and I didnít move for hours. His story of leaving home to explore the world and learn a new trade was fascinating to my young mind. But it was after hearing his tale that I realized what he was really saying to me - not as an aspiring journalist but as a person. He told me he dreamed that he would have a great life and he had one, so, I could dream about having a great life and get one too.

Just as my father had said to me earlier, here was another confirmation. I did just what they said to do, because I could do anything I wanted. Therefore, I say dream... dream big dreams about your great life to come. Iím heading out toward my next one, how about you?


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