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From Swaziland With Love - (Video)
A home-made documentary about our recent trip to Swaziland and the beautiful people we met there...
Tan Hong Ming - (Video)
Meet Tan Hong Ming - a jovial young man who happens to have a crush on a pretty young lady...
The Painting Elephant - (Video)
A rescued elephant has been taught to paint... and he's actually very talented!
Hand In Hand - (Video)
At first you see two ballet dancers, one without a leg, the other without an arm. But what you'll never forget is how beautiful and powerful the human spirit is. Two thumbs up!
We All Have It - (Video)
A three-minute inspirational video from our friends at 'Lead Out Loud'. It will inspire you even if you don't think you need inspiring!
Father & Son: A Love Story - (Video)
Every once in awhile someone sends us a story that's so beautiful we are forever changed by it. This is one of those stories...

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