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When Doubt Enters 



No matter what our age, there are times for whatever reason we start doubting ourselves. We'll fall into the hype of being too old, too young, too out of shape, and before we know it we've convinced ourselves not even to try.

Recently I was watching several news stories about our brave service men and women who were facing insurmountable circumstances pertaining to injuries and I wanted to kick myself for falling into the above category.

All of them decided to move forward and do the best they knew how with what God granted them. If they couldn't run that 20 miles, they would run one. If they could no longer see, they would feel and sense things. I could feel the spirit within them. It reached out to me.

They all gave me inspiration to get moving and not complain because of the limitations I put in my head. By that I simply mean looking at something and saying 'why bother.' 'I can't do it.' 'It will take too long.' 'It's overwhelming.'

If I can't stand longer then 5 hours, I'll stand 4. If I've never ran that mile, I'll walk it. If I can't complete a project in one day, I'll complete it in two or three.

I can not live by others expectations of me or what my mind thinks they expect of me, but I can live and live well by giving what I know is 100% of myself in whatever I do.

That is all I can do and not slip into the pity party. It is not a party to celebrate. I do not like or want pity.

I have always been an independent person, a strong person. Things started to change in my life and I could no longer do what I use to. Even a relationship took a turn I never expected.

So because things weren't the same I started to say, 'why bother?' How foolish of me! Yes, there was change around me but I was the one that needed to adjust to my environment, not it to me. My wings were clipped a little. So what!

I could still fly even if a bit clumsy. I could still walk even if a bit slower. I could still be me and get down on one knee and ask God for forgiveness. And I can still love!

How and when did I stop feeding my spirit? How and when did I lose self? How and when did I forget that we are all human and make mistakes?

So I pray for all the men and women in service. I especially pray for all the injured that they may find the strength within themselves to never give up.

You've inspired me. You've filled my spirit. You've shown me what a free soul is truly about. You are courage!


A very special thank you to our friend 'Look4Hope' for allowing us to share this essay with you!

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