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Staying Sane In A Mad, Mad World 

Eileen Bennett  


In this crazy high speed world, you would be forgiven for thinking that you just don't have time to relax and smell the roses (or coffee or whatever does it for you).

Yet, if you don't find time to slow down and get in touch with that still, silent part of you, you will simply fizzle out - which is a lot less spectacular, but much more likely, than burning out!

You're never going to be able to make more time - so you just have to take it!

There are only 24 hours in any day, but how often do you feel that you need more? Many of us (especially women) feel overwhelmed by the sheer number and variety of tasks we are expected to complete in any given day.

This is particularly true of working mothers who are, literally, never off duty and quite often fall into the trap of putting their own needs so far down the to-do list that they are rarely, if ever, met.

If this resonates with you, how would you like to have more time?

The bad news is that it is not possible to make any more time in your busy schedule.

The good news is that all you have to do to have more time is to take it!

I recently realized that, for virtually all my adult life, I have been taking time - even though I wasn't consciously aware of it!

To explain: whenever I feel overwhelmed by the enormity of a task, or just get stuck in the middle of something, I walk away from it for 10 minutes or so and go and do something completely different.

So, if I have a huge amount of work to finish before a tight deadline, or I'm trying to write something creative and it's just not flowing, I go for a walk, make a cup of coffee, fix dinner, put on a wash, meditate - anything! - as long as it is not related to the task I'm stuck with.

If you don't work from home and are not in a position to physically remove yourself from your work, you can still 'escape' for a few minutes.

The key is to turn your attention to something that is as different as possible from what is causing you to feel bogged down or overwhelmed.

When you go back to what you were doing, you do so with fresh eyes and renewed energy.

I've been using this strategy for over 30 years and I can honestly say that not even once have I said 'I wish I hadn't taken that 10 minutes!'

Eileen Bennett, from the beautiful country of Ireland, is a good friend and contributing editor to Inspiration Peak. She also runs a popular website called Ask Mammy - a warm and safe place where everyone is welcome at her kitchen table.

Thank you Eileen!!

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