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The Tipping Point 

Eileen Bennett  


When I was in my teens I used to think I had been born at the wrong time - or on the wrong planet! I felt totally out of step with everyone and everything.

Given a choice, I'm not sure what time or what planet I would preferred to have been born into, but I was absolutely certain I was not where I was supposed to be!

Now I feel exactly the opposite! I am where I am supposed to be and when I am supposed to be.

I think we are living in very exciting - if disturbing - times. When you consider all the pain and turmoil in the world, it's easy to think that we are regressing, rather than progressing. On the other hand, when you look at all the amazing things that are happening in different areas, you can see that an awakening is inevitable.

There are groups and individuals all over the world striving to make this a better place to be for everyone. The catch-phrase of the moment is 'tipping point' - and everybody can lend their weight to ensuring that we tip into a positive, life-enhancing future, rather than sink further into a negative, destructive one.

I see it like a see-saw. On one side you have all the angry, fearful people - terrorists, murderers, dictators, extremists, drug, dealers etc - and on the other side are the loving and open people - teachers, healers, seekers, artists, us!

When one side weighs more than the other, the see-saw tips.

I believe that now is the time for the all the people on the loving side to pool their energy so that the see-saw tips in a way that will benefit the whole world.

I can see it happening - more and more every day.

What an incredible privilege to be alive at such at time of transformation!

Eileen Bennett, from the beautiful country of Ireland, is a good friend and contributing editor to Inspiration Peak. She also runs a popular website called Ask Mammy - a warm and safe place where everyone is welcome at her kitchen table.

Thank you Eileen!!

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